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Hi everyone, this is my first post. I just wanted to share some photos and info about my garden.
1.) Most of everything I grow is grown from seeds or plant cuttings. I grow stuff from seed as rootstock for future plants or just out of curiosity.
2.) The majority of my plants range between under one year to about three years in age.

(Below) Purple Passion fruit from seed. Passiflora edulis 

These photos are of the same pot of plants. They were started in April this year. I
Does anybody know if these may fruit? I've heard P. edulis can be unpredictable when it comes to fruiting.

(Below) Purple Dragon fruit from plant cuttings. Hylocereus costaricensis

New buds are finally forming on my dragon fruit plant! All had to do to get it to grow more rapidly was to take it outside and keep it in partial unfiltered sunlight.
The buds are growing on the older growth. I don't know why, but this plant started out growing super funky. The stems were thin and brittle, with an odd film. Its not disease or anything. But now its growing fine. Hopefully it might fruit next year or the year after. Its currently one year old and needs to be over 10 pounds to fruit.

(Above) Wonderful Pomegranate from seed. Punica granatum
This is one of my three plants that I have.
This plant is 3 years of age. (I think; if not, two.) I recently repotted it so it looks super droopy right now. But it is recovering fine.
I know this wont grow true-to-type, but does anyone know if seed grown pomegranate plants will bloom or fruit at all?

Pink Grapefruit Citrus paradise- Crammed in one pot. (Polyembryonic, under one year old, and also grown from seed.) These take several years to fruit. (Like up to 10 I think.)

Lastly here are my lemon trees. They were grown from the monoembryonic seeds of a grocery store lemon. I don't know if its Lisbon or some weird hybrid. If these trees do not bloom, or produce mediocre fruit I will use them for rootstock. Hopefully I can get budwood in Ohio, or get them through a certified program such as the Citrus Clonal Protection Program (CCPP). Getting budwood through the CCPP would be a bit of a hassle/risk because, of policies. But doing so would be interesting if I wanted to obtain rarer varieties of budwood.

(Above) My taller tree has been getting too much sun lately. These trees are currently about three years old.
(Below) Is my other tree that was recently repotted. Its not used to the sun, so its a bit shocked right now. Its a much darker green than my other tree. It was in a partial shade instead of full sun.

Thanks for checking out my garden intro. If you have any thoughts or possible answers, please tell me. I'd love to hear your feedback!!!

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