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 Looking for recommendations of a nursery  that would be willing to take a pretty big order for an orchard in Northern California I am currently working with four winds growers in the bay area but cannot find a few varieties . Gem and Sharwil.  One has any recommendations Iíd like to hear about it .  For those that are concerned that avocados donít grow up here Iíll share the pictures of my two trees, hass and zutano.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Most Northern Avocado Grove?
« on: October 06, 2019, 03:29:55 PM »
The most northern Avocado trees?  Hello my name is Ryan. I live in Hiouchi California outside of Crescent city.  Itís right near the Oregon border.  Youíre a couple pictures of my tree there about 20 feet tall and about 3 1/2 years old .  We have a clay type toil with tons of rocks and about 70% rock .  Itís right near Jedediah Smith redwoods .  Youíre protected by a little foothills there about 600 feet tall .  Have a micro climate up here itís about 75 to 85į in the summertime .  I really never gets below 30į and if it does itís only for a couple hours which would be about 28į .  I have one large Hass and one large Zutano tree.  Itís always about 60 to 80% humidity up here  .  We get anywhere from 80 inches to 150 inches of rain here.  Plan on planning an orchard on another property above my house that faces west .  I believe theyíre also microclimates outside of Eureka and Brookings California .  Maybe even up farther north along the Oregon coast .  I was wondering if anyone had any input or knew other people growing avocado trees this far north.  No thereís a guy south of Eureka that has started an Orchard.

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