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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Which fresh mulch for mango tree?
« on: January 08, 2020, 04:38:51 PM »
Today i had 2 pepper trees chipped, tomorrow pine limbs mostly.
Any prefrence for which one to save a mound of for mango tree mulch?
Todays all went away in his truck except for what he ground from stumps & brush cutter.
Not really an option to get his chipper & truck in lot and pile it all up.  I can have him shovel out a couple garbage cans full.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Thrips released in Fort Pierce
« on: January 08, 2020, 11:57:41 AM »
I still don't like the city playing mother nature.
If the thrips do their job, gonna be lots of falling pep trees everywhere come next hurricane.
Hope thirps don't have survival skills when pep trees are gone & aquire taste for mangos, bananas, grapefruit, oranges...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Coconut opener
« on: January 08, 2020, 06:21:41 AM »
Can you show how it works?
I use hole saw & cordless drill in sink, pour liquid in bowl filtered & scoop jelly out with spoon.
Easier to keep my fingers attached to hands heh.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: 2020 Mango Season (Florida)
« on: January 07, 2020, 03:16:44 PM »
Driving around today in psl i see mango blooms where i didn't know there were trees.
Mine's always Feb bloomer, no idea what it is.  Deep orange slight fiber but highly sweet & worth every fiber!  :)
You guys battling anthracnose?  I got my share almost under control, will give chamomile tea a shot.  Anyone have success with it on panicles or flowers?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Thrips released in Fort Pierce
« on: January 07, 2020, 09:39:16 AM »
Mad scientists hope to kill off brazil pepper trees in Florida.
For the record, yes pep trees grow fast in all directions, but i've maintained 1 that protects my bananas and property from hurricane winds.  Other pep trees i remove where i plan to grow food.

Fort Pierce area is worlds largest citrus producing land.  I know someone with 1000's of acres of citrus, already battling citrus greening.  Please tell me Thirps will not become the next danger to our crops.  See how well love bugs turned out!
In Florida, more than two invasive species get established every month, brought in through cargo or by visitors. But researchers are making progress in the battle against one major pest: the Brazilian peppertree.

On a cattle ranch near Fort Pierce, a team from the University of Florida recently released 1,500 tiny insects called thrips, or Pseudophilothrips ichini.

"That is the biological control for the Brazilian pepper," Kate Rotindo said
She's an urban horticulture specialist and was bent over one of the plants, tapping vigorously on a small vial containing some of the bugs.

"They're really small; you can see them kind of crawling around," she said.

The thrips, like the plant, come from Brazil. Working with researchers there, U.S. scientists identified insects that keep Brazilian peppertree in check in its native habitat. On this day, a team from the University of Florida is releasing enough of the insects at the cattle ranch that they'll become established, start reproducing, and help control the invasive weed.

In Florida, Brazilian peppertree was introduced more than a century ago as an ornamental plant, valued for its red berries and dark green foliage. Since then, it has overrun much of the southern part of the state, also parts of California and Texas, covering 700,000 acres.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Biodynamic Farming
« on: January 07, 2020, 07:53:59 AM »
Quote from that article-

On a cattle ranch near Fort Pierce, a team from the University of Florida recently released 1,500 tiny insects called thrips, or Pseudophilothrips ichini.
"That is the biological control for the Brazilian pepper," Kate Rotindo said.

Edit- i'll start a thrips thread because this is by no means pleasant as thread title.
Thanks Pine for link.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Biodynamic Farming
« on: January 06, 2020, 05:47:10 PM »
Had visions of park paths lined with logs all morning lol.
Yes pep trees are in a class of their own.  They'll outlive humans.
Only signs of pep trees i remove will remain is tiny little mulched pieces..or they'll grow back & attack me.
Wednesday the lot prep begins.  It's standard 1/4 acre residential.
After I establish property line privacy wall of areca palms 10' high in a few years, i'll clear more & have him shoot the chipper in a pile somewhere for future use, not into his truck.
The earth should be good as is without much help from fert hopefully for mango trees at first.

Edit- frog, beautiful.

Good to know, planning ahead.  Next month i'll get in touch & talk a few varieties.  I'd pick them up.
In psl, thank you.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Biodynamic Farming
« on: January 05, 2020, 12:26:02 PM »
Well, for someone like myself who'll be planting a few mango trees in the coming months on unfarmed wooded soon to be cleared & mulched small lot, what's my best first step for minimal man made fertilizers?

Squam- do you still have many varieties of mango trees for sale?
Next month i'll be looking for a few.  I'm in psl.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: 2020 Mango Season (Florida)
« on: January 04, 2020, 09:57:17 PM »
So how'd ya'll do today?  Treasure coast quick downpour, pause, sideways rain strong wind gusts,
My flowers aren't open but many are i see driving.

i sprayed it approx 3pm, light raindrops fell as i was closing patio door.  hose attachment is Garbage because it leaks out vent and should be inline not in hands.  i need to build my own for inline hose.  Probably not impossible, at all.

i'm having some of lot next to me cleared next week.  Pepper trees, stumps getting ground, lowflow machine will mulch path and open area to plant where ever i choose hopefully.

Pepper tree berries good for anything?  I'll have a bunch to grab before chipper if so. 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: 2020 Mango Season (Florida)
« on: January 04, 2020, 03:56:44 PM »
With that brief rain coming, this morn i thru a couple handfuls of fert with a few tablespoons of 0-0-50 mixed in around mango tree.  1 10 second downpour so far, wind beating the heck out banana leaves, which i put a few lbs of fert on too.

Guana, reading writing as i wait for clouds & rain following as my next spray mix sits mixed.
I just read your great input about sulfur being a preventative, not a zap ya after the fact.
Mixed 2oz sulfur, 2 oz copper, 1/2oz plain Dawn & water to equal 12oz for hose sprayer set at 10tbl/gallon.
I like dilluting & using higher setting so it passes mix easier.
I know what i spray will get washed off somewhat later, but this morn i see more unhappy panicles.
Next week i have crew coming to remove 2 large pepper trees, mulch property line of my other lot, mulch center of lot some for citrus & yummy mangos.  Wonder if Anthracnose hangs out on the pep trees & wooded lot.  Lot's south of my mango tree, wind normally comes from east.  Today south west.

Btw i use hose sprayer cause i'm C7 paraplegic.  I get up close to tree with fan pattern & then back up & solid stream the rest.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: 2020 Mango Season (Florida)
« on: January 03, 2020, 09:05:53 PM »
Blooms (not full yet) are everywhere.  My tree is Feb flower starter, i'm in pre stage....tic tock tick tock lol.
Deep orange some fiber but omg sticky sweet minutes after washing hands & lips :)
My routine is hurry outside when mangos fall late spring mornings, put in sun a few days, fridge till next day,  oh my goodness..

Guana, thank you.  I've yet to decide final move before flowers begin. Too hot to apply today.
I'm leaning towards blasting entire tree with garden hose to remove my treatments, and then use garden hose attachment which delivers up to 10 tablespoon/gallon (i dillute mix so 10 is really 1/4 that or whatever i decide) and soak tree with?  Chamomile won't be strong enough undilluted, leaning towards cocktail of copper, sulfur, foliar nutrients & dawn, all mixed weaker then label & soak entire tree.  Good?

Could it be i mix copper too weak?  I try not to have blue spotted leaves as i see in other posts.
Tree still stinks good? from previous sulfur & neem.  Worried neem might clog pores of leaves.  They shiny though, nice dark green almost too dark from copper and i see less damage spots.

Does sulfur help stop anthracnose?  I read it increases it without fungicide.
Thanks again.

Or- blast off everything & soak entire tree with tea water?
I'm lucky to have 1 shot left.  Others in my area are blooming.

This was Feb 2019.  Not 1 mango survived.  None!  Was devistated.  Lesson learned, sprayed copper too late, no fertilizer.  Letting you new mango lovers know to be on your toes, don't expect fruit set without some tlc.

Happy ones

Unhappy one

These are better then others i snapped off days ago.  I'm considering blasting tree with straight gardenhose water tomorrow morning (no flowers yet) to remove everything i applied the past couple weeks & start fresh, rinsing leaves, and go mild copper/neem/dawn mix.  I read sulfur alone without fungicide can increase anthracnose..true?

I'll post some pics of mine later.  I made chamomile haven't tried it yet.  1 tea bag 1 cup water, let it soak as i ate lunch yesterday.  It's strong.  Tried it in leaves i snapped off & see no change.
Careful weak copper & sulfur spray seems ok so far.  Tree's not growing shoots evenly so i'll have to use spray bottle not garden hose attachment when flowers open.
I lost all fruit last season.  Hurt.  That's why i'm giving it all i can this season.  Flowers last season were beautiful till powdery mildew & anthracnose killed them.

Definitely keep us posted.  I just bought the tea bags, next is a whole lb of flowers from online.
I'd like to hear opinions on pure tea tree oil, diluted with dawn like neem.

I won't use anything hazardous, copper i drink water from, put in swimming pool, handle pipes & wires, pennies ect so i'm not worried of dying from copper.

I'm battling same thing more/less.  Will try tea but copper yesterday seemed to have halted it fingers crossed.  I snap off holy leaves.

Chamomile tea bags on grocery list.  Also 1lb of  the flowers.  organic.
Question- how about pure tea tree oil & dawn?  I do know tea tree oil is very very good anti fungal.
I'm shocked anthracnose chat isn't active here considering the wet Dec we had.

Thank you!  Will go tomorrow & teach whoever is looking at tea too :)  Interesting wetting seeds & towel with it.
I did spray 1.5oz of copper before dinner.  I know i'm to blame for not spraying it during summer or perfecting it's soil, pruning late (cause of heat) but it's got to give me some fruit come spring after getting none this year due to them all falling off black, pea size.  I did not know about sulfur either for "safe" powdery mildew treatment on flowers.  I did nothing.  I'm new to mangos, bananas i've got under control for 10yrs.  Never knew how good mangos are till this tree grew some after years of living here.

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