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I know it is still early for soursop but wondering if anybody would be willing to sell me one in South Florida.

Happy Saturday!

I am in the process of putting a garden on my property. I hastily purchased several sweet potato slips online but will not have the garden bed ready when they arrive, so I was going to put them straight into the ground. I live in Bokeelia, FL where there are wild pigs, rabbits, and peacocks that ravage through gardens. Do any of you have any suggestions for a cheap fence or net that I can use to keep the critters out? Once I have my first sweet potato harvest, I was planning on taking slips and putting them in the garden bed where I will have a better setup, but for now would prefer something on the cheaper side.

I appreciate any help!


I am looking to get a soursop (Guanabana) tree for my property in Lee County, FL (Zone 10a) but I am not finding a lot of information on different varieties. Iíve read that some varieties are sweet and others are not, so I wanted to make sure that I get a variety that is sweet. I would really appreciate information on some varieties and where I can buy that variety of tree.

Thank you in advance!

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