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Fruit Trees:
Avocado Trees:  Reed, Carmen, Pinkerton, Sharwil.   Citrus:  Cara Cara Pink Navel, Valencia Orange, Meyer Lemon, Oroblanco Grapefruit, Yosemite Gold Mandarin.    Loquat:  Various Grafts on a single tree.   Lychee Trees:  Brewster and Mauritius.   Mulberry Trees:  Black Persian and Oscar.  Macadamia Trees:  Beaumont and Alba.   Various Dragonfruit Plants.   Apple Trees & Grafts: 20 varietes    MANGOES: Butter Cream, Fruit Punch, Cac, Coconut Cream, Guava, Lemon Zest,  Nam Doc Mai, Mallika, 0-15, Orange Sherbet,  Orange Essence, Raw Honey, Son Pari, Sweet Tart,  Peach Cobbler,  Phoenix,  Seacrest, Sunrise & Val-Carrie.   Sapodilla Trees (Some Multi-Grafted):  Molix, Morena, Tikal, Venezuela and Alano.    Blueberries:  Various Low Chill.    Cherry Trees:   Royal Crimson Cherry, Royal Lee and Kanas Sweet Cherry, (Expermintal).
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