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That's a real investment in the future lol.

Anyone grow vine peach? Is it worth growing taste and production wise?

That's a very cool looking tree for sure. Have you ever tried the seeds as a nut? Wondering if they are as good as commercial pine nuts.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Iboga plant
« on: January 16, 2020, 07:20:17 AM »
Is it a long pod or round pod type?

Yes! These are the kinda plants I'm trying to find. Great suggestions people! Please by all means keep it up!

It is intended to find the above mentioned species in an effort to buy or trade for them.

Another plant I want to get is witch hazel if anyone has any.

Just realized I may know you on another forum Botanicus. If so thank you for your contributing species to my gardens. Soap berry trees etc. You may know me as MP(abbreviated) on STS if your the same guy.

Whenever you think your ready to trade just let me know via PM.

The D. alata is a good type. Isn't a particular cultivar or whatever but does produce good large tubers in 2-3 seasons with ample aerial bulbils to start new plants. These are a white type. I too grow the purple type but they don't produce bulbils well and the main tuber is more rot prone. Perhaps in another season or two I'll be able to share the edible D. bulbifera variety that I have. Only got a few bulbils this year though. Also have D. polystachys but didn't get any bulbils this season and only a few the previous season. However member Caesar has the goods on the yam varieties.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Possible litchi tomato?
« on: January 06, 2020, 07:56:13 PM »
Soda apple definitely grows here in some places. I saw that while looking through solanum family plants while trying to ID this plant. Seems the soda apple has a wider leaf in most pics more like the naranjilla. Never know though I'm not a true expert just a plant geek.

The Amorphophallus paeoniifolius plant is very cool! I think I may have seen someone locally growing that. There's a person that grows tons of turmeric and gingers, yams, and other stuff I know to be edible in old bath tubs on my way into town from where I live. I saw the tall umbrella looking part of this plant the past season and wondered what the heck that was. Figured everything they are growing is edible that it was a likelihood it could be an edible too I am unfamiliar with. Now I know for sure. Darn near 100% sure that it must have been this plant. I already wanted to stop in and introduce myself as a fellow food plant grower and drop some new stuff on them. Now I definitely want to stop there! They have a fenced yard though is the major issue and I've never seen them outside. If I catch them outside they are getting a friendly introduction!

Very nice list! Yes many of those I've been eyeing too if I don't already have it. I do have some of those and can help you with that if you like.

As for the stuff you mentioned having there's a few things I'd love to trade you for. The autumn olive, your cassava variety, day lily, coral vine, and whatever passionfruit you have.

Stuff I have you are looking into:

Dioscorea alata
Improved prickly pear
Chickasaw plum (a wild form but has good quality fair sized fruit)
Gopher Apple
Strawberry guava(I don't know if cuttings will root well)

Some are available now but others will have to wait a season or two to share. Chaya, gopher apple, and Dioscorea alata are available now.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Possible litchi tomato?
« on: January 06, 2020, 01:55:24 PM »
Found this plant growing wild behind the building I work at. After trying to ID it I think it could be litchi tomato. Does this plant look like that to y'all?

Carpathian is another name for the English walnut right? Want to be sure but seems so. Definitely would be interested in butternut too especially if they mature quickly and are of better edibility. The big walnut is totally awesome and I'd surly love to get my hands on that! If anyone can ID pay something pretty decent for some seeds. Either way would buy seeds or seedlings of the Carpathian or butternut too if anyone has them that sees this.

Kaki persimmons would be cool. Totally would buy some seeds of that. Already have a handful of native American persimmons going and had got seeds of Texas persimmons a bit ago that are currently stratifying in my refrigerator now.

Got loquat covered already here. Ate many as a child from neighborhood trees so definitely had to grow it. My largest tree is mature and has smallish fruits but decent flavor. Gonna attempt grafting Big Jim on a few branches right before spring from a member here when the time comes. Wouldn't mind putting Christmas on there too.

Chilean guava is on the radar for sure. Had gotten seeds from a member on here from Germany last year and had several sprouts but the darned chickens ruined that... Another member here has plants and I'll buy one or two here soon for sure as well as some other awesome stuff he has. Wanderlust nursery is his company. If you see this great selection man!

Got plums and cherries covered. Wild forms but will graft on later some good types. Don't mind wild stuff at all though. My palate is not picky and I want production at all above quality in my view of things.

Definitely want almonds, peaches, apricot, etc too. Had many nice seedling peaches going but deer grazed them so much they eventually died due to the reoccurring damage. I'll protect better next time.

Thanks for your reply!

Yes I'm familiar with them. I do love that place! I'm certain I'll be back there at some point but it is an over 2 hour drive or so from me. Last time I stopped in there I bought two "Select Seedling" pawpaw trees. Super curious to try them in a few years. Already put them in ground a bit raised up because my soil is thick and can be wet sometimes. They are dormant now but I expect decent growth next season. I've bought a grafted nagami(spelling?) Kumquat, a "brown select" satsuma, two pineapple guava, and a fuyu persimmon from them also. All plants are of good quality and seem to be doing good so far. There is much more I want to get from them eventually. Perhaps they might trade me for some stuff as I do have lots of things I didn't see them carrying. Mostly perennial veggies. Think they have a presence here too don't they? Maybe they'll see that. However I need to get grafting and such and if I could source bud wood of some varieties like Joy Apple like they have it'd be much cheaper on me with my budget. It'd be more of an accomplishment too I'd figure.

Already got a few pindo palms going. It's a long process from seeds but the project is underway.

There's so much to list but here's a good selection of things on the radar:

Gooseberry (had a nice one doing well then all of a sudden died...)
Dead man's fingers
Chilean wine palm
Chilean guava(found source but awaiting funds to buy)
Chocolate vine
Perennial nine star broccoli
Perennial kales
Pink lemonade blueberry
Oca tubers
Tuberous nasturshum
Any type of edible true yams
Yellow flowering canna edulis
Green calyx or other than red Roselle
Kiwi vine
Peach or nectarine for this area
Any old deep south heirloom apple or pear
Joy apple
Golden Dorsett apple
Pineapple pear
Kiefer pear(pears and apples I'm willing to attempt grafting onto my existing types)
White mulberry
Arbequina olive
Autumn olive
Spice bush
Wild form fire bush
Water celery
Kang Kong
Other than oleifera edible moringa types
Hardy sugar canes
Cold hardy avocado (fantastic, Joey, Lila, etc have  Stewart and a bacon hybrid type)
Good edible quince
Black walnut
Japanese heartnut
Kingnut hickory or any large inside kernel types
Mandarin melon berry
Japanese raisin tree
Pomegranate types
Rose of Sharon
Marsh mallow
Many more I've run across but that's just a bit off my head

Hello all!

I like wierd exotic stuff that is out of the ordinary. After doing lots of research I've stumbled upon many odd ball species but it seems you can always find more with enough diligence. I'm here to ask the community of knowledgeable fruit people what wierd zone 8 hardy fruits have you come to know? Trying to gather a list of all things that may grow well here in the Florida panhandle where some years may hit 15F. Want stuff that can handle here without winter help or very limited help. Open to anything really from perennial herbs, veggies, useful non fruit baring edible/medicinal trees/bushes, to fruit baring species. Obviously I'm a fruit guy too so that's the main interest but all is welcome here if it's useful and will grow well. In other relevant info the soil I have is thick and clay like. Not great drainage but manageable. Willing to adjust planting sites for species that need good drainage though. I do have areas of my land that can remain soggy and hold water for days at the least too so any plants that can handle flooding on occasion but then drying out potentially for periods too are much needed. Let me please hear your wealth of suggestions!

Thanks! DG

Just as a heads up for those members here that seek rare active species become a member at
Please read the rules of that forum if you join. Fantastic place with awesome people that have some of the rarest culturally significant species out there. Totally worth a look!

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Re: Duncan white grapefruit
« on: December 27, 2019, 02:26:20 PM »
It is unfortunate that you don't live here as I really enjoy them and despite the seeds are totally worth having. I have witnessed personally how true to seed they are on my friends several properties with several generations of the trees from seeds. He also has what he believes to be old Valencia orange trees dug up by his father(the son being 60+ years old now) on a island in the Chipola river called Gaskin here in Wewahitchka, FL. I do have fresh seeds from these oranges right now too if anyone in FL is looking. They too grow very true albeit I have observed on a difference in rind thickness. Otherwise they are very, very good oranges.

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Duncan white grapefruit
« on: December 26, 2019, 08:26:25 AM »
Florida members if you'd like some seeds from the heirloom white grapefruit known as "Duncan" For a white type they are very good and sweeter than other whites I've tried. Very similar flavor to a red grapefruit. Grows true from seeds and fruits in about 5 years if happy. Many local seed grown trees here in a good friends yard that have several generations of trees that are all nearly the same fruit quality. Cold hardy to zone 8! I have fresh seeds available for trade or sale. 10 seeds for $2.50 with minimum order of 20 seeds plus shipping.


I also have the top four plants. Know the above poster offered already the first few. If you need the galangal I have both the greater and lesser types.

I've grown a few of these and they seem easy enough to grow. I believe it is the ground seeds that is used but I've never tried it. Supposedly tastes horrible.

Thanks for posting that. I will purchase some when I get up some funds!

Caesar or anyone here have the D. bulbifera edible types that have angular looking bulbils?

Bumping this thread to see of anyone now has seeds of any of the cold hardiest types. Fantastic, Joey, Lila, etc.


Definitely would be interested in this species too. Also rather rhizomes than seeds.

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