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Not in your country but logee's greenhouse plants sells them from time to time. Should be no problem for you to grow kava down there. A word to USA members though on kava. It is extremely tropical and can easily die being exposed a few times at temps of around 60F. I've killed this plant multiple times by leaving it out on cool nights and forgetting to bring it inside. Really useful medicinal plant I highly recommend having for your plant medicine cabinet but finicky as heck to grow. Good quality kava is fantastically effective for anxiety and depression. Nature's Xanax and that's no joke!

Easy to grow aquatic tuber crop. Plants well established in active growth ready to go in 4" pots. $5 plus shipping. Inquire via PM.


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Chinese Water Chestnut plants
« on: July 21, 2019, 09:38:26 AM »
Again not exactly a fruit tree but figure since it's tropical I could post here to get more traffic. Anyways lots of live plants in active growth in 4" pots well established and ready to grow. $5 each plus shipping. Great easy to grow aquatic tuber crop. Very delicious! Inquire via PM. Can only ship Fridays due to my current job schedule.


Thanks for the feedback natty!

These guys don't take long to fruit. Got my original as a seedling and it probably fruited around two years old. Have my mother in a large maybe 7-10 gal pot and it's fruiting like crazy. This is the second major round if fruits in a row happening right now. Have enough seeds for one 5 seed bag right now but in a week or so will have maybe 30+ seeds. They flower to ripen very quickly figure because the fruits are small but have an interesting flavor and aren't bad. 2-3 weeks from flower to ripe fruit.

About to get another round of ripening fruits. If anyone is interested in seeds let me know. In about a week I'll have many available.

Many cuttings still available. There will be a limited number of rooted ones in a few weeks most likely. However many are taken already when rooted. Not super hard to root if your versed with cuttings.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Wanted vanilla orchid cuttings
« on: July 14, 2019, 09:55:40 AM »
Also interested in getting some vanilla orchids inside the US preferably. Anyone wanting to sell please PM some details.

Not really a fruit but very useful tree. Fresh healthy unrooted cuttings for $5 each plus shipping. Root fairly easy this time of year. Working on rooting some now myself but not yet ready.

Will trade for zone 8 hardy fruiting bushes or trees. Nut trees too. Heirloom veggie and herb seeds too maybe. Want mostly perennial hardy to my zone plants but will consider anything. Make offers!


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Kratom tree cuttings sale/trade
« on: July 13, 2019, 11:18:52 AM »
Not really a fruit but very useful tree. Fresh healthy unrooted cuttings for $5 each plus shipping. Root fairly easy this time of year. Working on rooting some now myself but not yet ready.

Will trade for zone 8 hardy fruiting bushes or trees. Nut trees too. Heirloom veggie and herb seeds too maybe. Want mostly perennial hardy to my zone plants but will consider anything. Make offers!


Firethorn is an apple relative with blueberry sized red fruits. Not truly native I think but very naturalized. Fruit can be used for jelly. Plant can get dense if tamed and makes a good living hedge. Can be used for grafting loquat to dwarf them so I've heard. They are flowering here now. Will collect seeds later a few months from now.

Agreed on opuntia cactus. Great fruits on cultivated types but all have at least edible pads. Easy grower with zero care. Can fruit prolific when large and established.

Yaupon Holly(for caffeine), firethorn, muscadine grapes, garden huckleberry (S. nigrum), various bramble berries, sparkleberry (blueberry relative in which some are not astringent but are a bit grainy but not bad), and elderberry are some more I thought of now.

Everglades tomato and Seminole pumpkin as mentioned above are fantastic producers and are very prolific in every way here in Florida. Highly recommend them regardless if they are truly native or not. Also highly recommend Chickasaw plum. I grow Chickasaw plum and some wild ones grow decent flavored and sized fruit naturally. Not sure about the flat woods plum however there's a really small plum variety I've found that's tart but would be great for jellies etc. Happen to have seeds stratifying right now for that.

Beauty berry is a good native fruit to plant. Maypop, corky bark passiflora, persimmon, red mulberry, Simpson stopper, bulley, and improved oaks for good acorns are all good natives to hunt down. Just throwing out ideas for you.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Dillenia indica for sale
« on: June 27, 2019, 01:32:18 PM »
I see your from Sarasota. I lived there until around two years ago. Wonder if we ever met? I used to sell plants via Craigslist and had tons of people over the years come by. My name's Derek and I lived off bee ridge. Does that ring any bells? Just curious.

I will send international but it is quite expensive. Usually around $14 for first class USPS international packages. However to avoid roller machines crushing the seeds you want to send as a package.

How's the fruit quality of your vines?

Current requests are shipping today. Will provide tracking information this evening to those getting seeds this past week. Still plenty of seeds available. The plant is also getting ready to flower again so any interested people don't hesitate!

Thanks! DG

Always open to trades too! Looking for fruits and nuts of all sorts that can handle zone 8 temps. Make offers if desired.

Very interesting small fruiting bush that produces blueberry sized orange fruits. Member if the greater citrus family. Also known as Gin Berry, Orange berry, Rum berry, etc.

5 seeds for $3 plus shipping.

Please inquire via PM.


I have rooted and unrooted cuttings if your still looking.

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Re: Offering orange seeds to FL members
« on: February 27, 2019, 08:39:33 AM »
I'm gonna go this weekend to pick more of these oranges and kumquat. I'm gonna pick some of the white grapefruit too this time. Good sweet ones that taste like red grapefruit. Also my boss was saying there's another kumquat type growing on the back corner of one of his properties I didn't see last time. Round ones that are sweet inside and sweet skinned. The ones I picked last time were oval and sweet skinned but tartish on the inside. If you want any seeds hit me up over this next week or so.

Never tried durian wonder where I might be able to make that happen. Imagine people grow them somewhere in extreme South FL. Think I saw a documentary about a place down south with one in a greenhouse or something but said it's never fruited??? Could be recalling wrong though. Maybe it was that "fruit hunters" documentary.

Your making a wonderful case for pawpaw! I'm certainly buying some at just fruits next time I go!

I'm not super picky flavor wise. I've got one of those palates that can eat about anything. Very intrigued to try pawpaw that is for sure!

I've tried most of the exotic fruits and like many of them but white sapote is my favorite so far and perhaps some of the exotic mango flavors. The annonas are good too and jackfruit as well. Wasn't crazy about jackfruits texture though.

Hello! Thanks for the reply!

As for A. triloba I don't think I've ever seen any here. The small bush like pawpaw do grow here in places such as cow fields or whatever and I've seen them with fruit as far down as Sarasota FL. Riding down hwy 27 near and past cheifland FL I have seen tall tree like pawpaw out in the fields. Just can't pull over and jump onto people's property. I would have to assume due to size they are triloba. Santa Rosa Beach is like 2 hr drive west of me and roughly at the same position across so I'd figure if they fruit there they could here. Just fruits and exotics sells some but can't remember what varieties. They are 2+ hrs East of me. Don't much mind what varieties I can gather as long as I can eventually try one! The few times I've seen fruit on the bush types by the time I'd come back to see if they are ripe something had already got them. There's a lady here in FL that specializes in the native small types. Cannot remember her name or business name but I'd emailed her before with no reply in the distant past.

I agree maypop is tasty and I do like them. Miss my P. edulis from down south though. I like the tartness. A friend is sending banana passionfruit seeds but I don't know if I can get fruit set and ripening before cold wipes them out.

May I start by saying it can get as cold as 15f here where I am though very rare. This year it hasn't got colder than 30 but last year got 19 one night and was in the mid to low 20s for many many successive nights. Willing to try pushing things a bit but it's better when you know something can certainly handle the environment. I have thick not well draining clay like soil on my property in particular. Very wet winter seasons and also summer season sometimes.

What are your recommendations for not only types of fruits but cultivars of those as well? Have some cash to spend if anyone has things available to buy at a fair price. Do know about just fruits and exotics and I have gone there and bought stuff and plan to go back. However I like the idea of trading, bartering, and supporting personal people's efforts if I can. We all should be growing and exchanging various plants and even creating new varieties to pass around. I know many here do just that too. So what you recommend and or got!?!

Some interests(but open to anything hardy to area):

Cold hardy avocado
Nut trees
Berry bushes
Stone fruits
Exotic temperate fruits
Mandarin melon berry tree
Japanese raisin tree
Any hardy passionfruit other than Maypop?
Medicinal or otherwise useful trees, shrubs, herbs
Perennial veggies

I'm not picky really open to anything fairly productive, hardy to area, can be neglected is always good, etc.

Thanks! DG

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Re: Offering orange seeds to FL members
« on: February 11, 2019, 07:36:47 PM »
Hit me up via PM to settle details and such. Will send them out Friday most likely so would like to gather up all interested parties by then.

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