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May I start by saying it can get as cold as 15f here where I am though very rare. This year it hasn't got colder than 30 but last year got 19 one night and was in the mid to low 20s for many many successive nights. Willing to try pushing things a bit but it's better when you know something can certainly handle the environment. I have thick not well draining clay like soil on my property in particular. Very wet winter seasons and also summer season sometimes.

What are your recommendations for not only types of fruits but cultivars of those as well? Have some cash to spend if anyone has things available to buy at a fair price. Do know about just fruits and exotics and I have gone there and bought stuff and plan to go back. However I like the idea of trading, bartering, and supporting personal people's efforts if I can. We all should be growing and exchanging various plants and even creating new varieties to pass around. I know many here do just that too. So what you recommend and or got!?!

Some interests(but open to anything hardy to area):

Cold hardy avocado
Nut trees
Berry bushes
Stone fruits
Exotic temperate fruits
Mandarin melon berry tree
Japanese raisin tree
Any hardy passionfruit other than Maypop?
Medicinal or otherwise useful trees, shrubs, herbs
Perennial veggies

I'm not picky really open to anything fairly productive, hardy to area, can be neglected is always good, etc.

Thanks! DG

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Re: Offering orange seeds to FL members
« on: February 11, 2019, 07:36:47 PM »
Hit me up via PM to settle details and such. Will send them out Friday most likely so would like to gather up all interested parties by then.

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Offering orange seeds to FL members
« on: February 09, 2019, 08:35:38 PM »
Have seeds from two different orange trees. My boss has trees on his land that have been growing there since about 120-130 years ago. Not necessarily the same trees but successive generations planted by seeds. His parents planted the originals in the very early 1900s. He's an old guy himself. He claims they come up more or less true from seed and are sweet and good. Said they are Valencia but I can tell there are two distinct types. First time I went to pick some today. Definitely aren't any graft marks on the oldest trees and there really is many from different generations. They are really good that is for sure. Sweet and juice worthy without sweetening. After seeing them in person I do believe him. Kumquats too from seed and are good as well as and a white grapefruit. He says they do take a long time to produce but they always turn out good just the same.

One type is a thinner skinned one and one is thicker skinned. Wanted to offer them since I juiced a ton and want not to toss all the seeds since I can see they really do end up good from seeds. If you pay shipping I'll send some to FL members. Definitely willing to trade for stuff too. I'm particularly looking for cold hardy edible nuts, fruits, perennial veggies and herbs, or annual heirloom veggies or herbs.

Thanks! DG

Want to add to my perennial hardy edible plants collection some edible types of day lily and tiger lily. Want known safe edible types as not all day lilies and tiger lilies are edible and or other plants called lilies.

Thanks! DG

Right now due to the cold my dragon fruits are a bit unkempt. They also might freeze in transit if sent overseas or up north right now.

Searched for the species you are trying to find. Alass he has none. However great guy I've dealt with many times. He has connects too perhaps he might be able to help you source some seeds. Know he's good for finding rare things if you can strike his interests.

I've been growing Kratom for several years. Now that I'm in North FL I keep mine potted. They really don't like temps below 50F but definitely are hurt by near freezing or lower temps. In my previous yard I had two in the ground. One still is there now at 15'+ tall. One was dug out but later died from shock during the following cold season in its pot. Not enough recovery time. Others I had potted narrowly survived but we had repeated nights in the mid 20s and one night at 19. Protection was given to the best of my ability via sheets, greenhouse and strung with Christmas lights. I won't risk planting my three left in the ground yet. Once I get a very dense foresty like garden going I may try one to see what happens. As long as it come back that'd be fantastic. Cool season approaches again so hopefully I can get them through again.

Where you are should be no problem. I was just below Tampa bay. You'll have a big tree in a few short years.

Since most avocado are tropical to at best hardy to nearly 15F I figure I'd post in here. However around 15 is about how cold it can get here but usually not often. I'd love to get ahold of some seeds for cold hardy types to attempt to grow here. Grafted trees are nice but I don't mind the wait or possible variability of fruit.

Thanks! DG

For all the rare gingers your hearts desire try a man named Craig by company name"Just Ginger" or Andy at "Bamboo Garden Groves". Should be able to about source all the edible and medicinal gingers between the two.

I live in the North FL panhandle were it can hard freeze. Is it worth growing as an annual?

Temperate Fruit Buy, Sell, & Trade / Re: Ugni molinae
« on: July 19, 2018, 02:01:06 PM »
Hey if anybody has any seeds or live plants of this let me know! Willing to trade/pay!

Should be able to get ahold of David's e-mail somewhere online. Probably his personal blog. I have emailed him directly in the distant past.

There's a guy in or near Orlando FL that has the edible bulbifera supposedly. Grower Jim is the name to look for. Sells on eBay but won't ship bulbifera to other within FL people.

Fair dinkum seeds in Australia probably can help you locate this plant

There's a guy named David Goodman aka "the survival gardener" you can find online whom has many varieties of yam. Perhaps if you can talk with him he may have some unusual types. Definitely worth contacting him. Had some with palmate leaves and such he randomly found around the place he lives in street markets etc. All varieties grown by the natives of the area. Somewhere in the Caribbean or Central America.

No problem man. The plants are too big to ship however they root from cuttings very easily. Let me know if you want cuttings.

Very awesome man! Just let me know when you have anything ready to trade/sell. I'm down for any and all edible yam varieties. You've done the work I've planned to do for some time. I'm a survival gardening minded guy and seek to have many varieties in the event of who knows what. Yams are perfect for such application being that they need very little attention over time with potential to be heavy producers. Got other root veggies that may interest you whenever.


Cool some stuff is shippable and other things way too big. Just let me know!


Available species some of which are shippable and others local meetup only. Just inquire via your interest for shippability and price/trade.

Anise Hyssop
True arrowroot plants
Canna edulis plants
Thai pink guava trees
Jewels of opar
Fig trees
African potato mint
Lemon thyme
Cuban oregano
Soap berry trees
Longevity Spinach
Brazilian Spinach
Aztec sweet herb
Loquat trees
Greater galangal gingers
Lesser galangal gingers
Leaf of life
Dragon fruit many types
Callisia fragrans
B. caapi
Several Psychotrias including P. viridis
Illex guayusa
African blue basil

Hit me up! DG

You are the yam King! Agree with above poster.

I too am into yams but haven't been able to source many varieties that are edible. Only have the D. alata purple type and D. opposita. Would love any you could share! I'm going to make a post shortly with a list of plants I have available. Maybe we could trade???


Very cool ideas dudes! My plants did take a bit more damage but all should survive still at this point. Praying not to get anymore cold below 35F! Otherwise the setup I made worked enough to not sustain anymore massive damage. Thank the Lord for that!

Very interesting stuff! A lot to take in but I understand what your saying. I'll have to do some of my own research on the subject. Thank you sir I like learning new things!


Oh should have mentioned that the bed sheet and incandescent Christmas lights worked or so it seems this past night. No major damage that I could see yet on anything near the lights or covered! However in the greenhouse but away from lights and covers did get burnt. Good thing that was only canna edulis plants and the rhizomes will live on anyway.

Chose incandescent purposefully too might I add. I'm sure that LED let's off some heat but not nearly as much due to less energy use. The "waste" heat is what I was going for and it so far worked or so it seems. Thursday is our coldest day though before warmth thinks about returning Sunday. However not much colder so wish me good growing vibes of success!

Yes very hardcore Walt! Have heard of such methods but have yet to try anything of the sort.

I would have considered never building greenhouses if I hadn't already owned tropicals I fell in love with before moving here though I had one of the greenhouses from down southward. Lots of rare special tropicals I seed grew and such too so I'm attached to them for personal reasons.

All in all lots of good info to consider here...thanks y'all but certainly keep it coming as it isn't an easy issue to decide the future for either way.


Temperate Fruit Discussion / Heating a greenhouse on a budget??? Ideas?
« on: January 01, 2018, 10:27:39 PM »
Hello all! Just getting settled at my new zone 8 location. Have erected two greenhouses but not of the greatest resistance to the 20s F nights here right now. Many of my prized plants have gotten cold burnt already but most my important ones still live and could perhaps make it through at this point. However the 20s are here to stay for another week or so at night...

Right now I've strung up my best plants with old incandescent Christmas lights and also covered them with sheets even inside the greenhouses. Hopefully that will help get me through the week...

However outside what I've done with my little buget at the moment is there any tricks up your all's sleves? I don't have huge barrels for the water heat retention and radiation at night thing. Probably cost way too much to put a space heater in thin plastic greenhouses and could be even more a fire hazard than what I've currently done...

One greenhouse is 20'10'10' and the other 10'10'10'. Did double plastic them too on the top at least and the long sides on the biggest one.

Any suggestions?

Thanks! DG

Yes I do plan to visit them here soon. Really not that far from me. Maybe 1-2 hour drive. Very excited to see their place in person someday soon.

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