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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Cullenia exarillata wanted
« on: February 26, 2019, 10:00:55 PM »
tradewindsfruits has had seeds before, bought around 10 and they never germinated, not sure if they were stored properly or it was on my end, had good success with 96% of their seeds. IF you can get seeds I am interested as well.

227 has seeds. I believe they are fairly fresh since I didn't see them in stock until a few weeks ago and they might harvest as people purchase.

I haven't grown citrus seeds from tradewinds before, but despite other experiences I've seen on here, I've had almost 100% germination from seeds I've purchased, and I've gotten a huge amount of recalcitrant seeds as well as longer lasting tropical seeds from them.

Anytime they haven't germinated/got messed up it was from personal error like leaving them outside and them getting too much rain or sun. So I would recommend them before ordering from Japan, and you can get 100 seeds for $12.

I may have missed somewhere saying they don't, but it also looks like they ship to you.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Wanted variety Passiflora
« on: December 22, 2018, 11:15:47 AM »
Id recommend for their wide variety of passionfruit varieties, they even have a variety that grows more like a tree. I haven't had any germinate yet, but i only recently planted a few weeks ago. I would recommend buying the recently added ones since they are more likely to be fresh.

Hey I am looking for seeds or plants of these citrus:

Citrus articulata - West African Cherry Orange
Citrus australasica - Australian Finger Lime(Any variety)
Citrus australis - Australian Round Lime(Any variety)
Citrus garrowayi -  Mount White Lime
Citrus inodora - Russel River Lime
Citrus warburgiana - Kakamadu
citrus maideniana - Maiden's Australian Wild Lime
Citrus Glauca - Desert lime
Citrus gracilis - Kakadu Lime
Citrus wakonai - Kakamadu
Citrus wintersii - Brown River Finger Lime
Citrus sphaerocarpa - Kabosu
Citrus depressa
Black Twig Lime

Great packaging and all the fruits arrived undamaged!

I recently bought a decent amount of fruit from FLnative which were fantastic, I planted out a few of the seeds but I have a lot left. So I am selling the seeds from the fruit for anyone who wants them. These were NOT grown in PR, they were grown in Florida to clarify.

Red Jaboticaba seeds - $1 each
Lemon Drop mangosteen seeds - $1 each
Superior Lemon Drop Mangosteen seeds - $1 each

They will be shipped in Peat moss. Shipping in the US is $3 for first class, around $7- $10 for priority. International varies, but if you purchase, you will accept the risk that it has a chance of being seized.

DM me if you're interested! I am not sure how to upload photos but I will try to.


Received plants in great condition here in a few days, they arrived greener than some plants I have ordered in the US.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: whats in season in Sarawak?
« on: October 20, 2018, 12:42:40 PM »
Can  someone help me identify these.  We just left the market  near the Indonesian  border.  Between  the Chinese cave temple ok pulled over for  a few  stop in  the  brushes and spotted these curcurbits.  Any idea what they are?  3 civilised  leaves, somewhat like  a  bean.  Malkin  hard, flesh firm with little taste. Inner seed pulp filled with super hard seeds  and inky color.

Thanks for any suggestions, its really gorgeous ion  person!

That looks like Red Lantern Bitter Watermelon, this is where i first saw that plant currently growing the seeds now. Was it sweet at all?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / X
« on: July 24, 2018, 03:11:21 PM »

Do either need two plants to fruit?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Site Outage
« on: July 17, 2018, 01:38:50 AM »
Am I the only person who thought maybe I got individually banned. The error message
was new and said something about my address. I thought maybe I pissed someone off???

I had my wife try it and she couldn't get on either then I was really bummed imagining
the end of this forum? I will be glad to pitch in

I also had  just ordered some new seeds, I know I said I wasn't going to start any more projects this
year but I promise this is the last project what's 20 more seeds?
I thought I got banned too  ;D. I am also open to helping donate as well. This forum has provided a place to communicate with people around the world about topics which we are all interested in, which would be harder to have without a forum like this.

Does the resurrection plant have any edible/other types of uses? Also if possible could you hold a packet of each of the seeds for me? Just waiting for some payments to clear on my paypal account.

Kundong, Lime Berry, Peanut Butter Tree, Honey Soursop, GOD'S CROWN, Stone Apple, and Nipple fruit.

Got a fairly large order from Maryoto and almost everything came germinated, and in great condition. Each packet of seeds were labeled with the scientific name, common name, type, etc. Very helpful. I will definitely get more in the future, thank you!

I am Tre btw I need to see if I can fix my name  ;D

I am interested in a good amount of these if you can ship to me. I will contact you soon with what I am interested in.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Bananas for sale in SoCal
« on: July 11, 2018, 03:49:40 AM »
can you ship these?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Help Germinating List of Seeds
« on: July 08, 2018, 05:13:40 PM »
Hey I purchased all these seeds from, and I wanted any suggestions on germinating them. Some of the germination info is provided on their website and other places online, but others have limited information. I also wanted to just hear first hand accounts from you guys. Thanks.

1 x Borago officinalis - White Borage
1 x Saponaria officinalis - Soapwort
1 x Salvia hispanica - Chia
1 x Cuminum cyminum - Cumin
1 x Rosenbergiodendron formosum - Blackberry Jam Fruit
1 x Rhus integrifolia - Lemonade Berry
1 x Rubus niveus - Mysore Raspberry
1 x Cinnamomum camphora - Camphor
1 x Oncoba spinosa - Fried Egg Tree
1 x Marrubium vulgare - White Horehound
1 x Plantago major - Plantain
1 x Valeriana officianalis - Valerian
1 x Monarda citriodora - Lemon Bee Balm
(Quantity Options: Single Pack ($2.00))
1 x Pachyrhizus erosus - Jicama
1 x Sapindus saponaria - Soapberry
1 x Myrtus communis compacta - Dwarf Myrtle
1 x Sesamum indicum - White Sesame
1 x Zanthoxylum simulans - Szechuan Pepper
1 x Sapindus mukorossi - Chinese Soapberry
1 x Cyclanthera pedata var edulis - Acchocha
1 x Ocimum gratissimum - African Tree Basil
1 x Salvia tiliifolia - Tarahumara Chia
1 x Gardenia erubescens - West African Gardenia
1 x Dialium cochinchinense - Velvet Tamarind
1 x Piper peepuloides - Long Pepper
1 x Sesamum indicum - Black Sesame
1 x Arctium lappa - Japanese Burdock, Gobo
1 x Myrica rubra - Yumberry
1 x Lycium ruthenicum - Black Goji Berry
1 x Ocimum sanctum - Basil, Holy Purple and Green
1 x Passiflora auriculata - Black Passion Fruit
1 x Garcinia gerardii - Forest Mangosteen
1 x Carica candicans - Wild Papaya
1 x Randia thurberi - Papache
1 x Jarilla chocola - Chocola
1 x Irvingia gabonensis - Wild African Mango
1 x Parkia timoriana - Tree Bean
1 x Actinidia polygama - Silver Vine Kiwi
1 x Carica cnidoscoloides - Stinging Papaya
1 x Morinda coreia - Wild Forest Noni
1 x Benkara armigera - Randia parvula
1 x Chrysophyllum albidium - White Star Apple

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Where To Buy These Plant Processors
« on: July 08, 2018, 05:11:14 PM »
I have come across that website, but I haven't seen that video! I was unsure if they were a trustworthy source so seeing it in action helps a lot. Thank you. It's a little more than I wanted to spend right now, but when i expand my operation it looks like something I can definitely use.

Still looking! I placed an order with toptropical so I will see how it turns out. I missed a large discount they had by a few minutes and they were still willing to do the discount for me within a few hours of contacting them.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Where To Buy These Plant Processors
« on: July 08, 2018, 04:49:11 PM »
Still looking!

Not speaking on shipping however the reliability is backwards on the post above.  Ordering from TT, caveat emptor...
Top tropicals has sent me plants in the past and does seem morE flexible than plantogram but there are several well documented issues people have with them. The one most well known to me is the orange sherbet mango which many people feel was being knowingly sold at top tropicals as a mislabeled lemon zest. I spoke with them directly about this and they donít believe it was mislabeled. In any case they ship healthy plants, and some people have concerns about labeling.

Plantogram seems to ship very healthy robust plants but has a smaller selection. Iím sure each place has its own labeling mishaps. You may want to check out eBay (please confirm on various sites the the reliability of the seller as there are a lot of scammers on eBay) or try treasure of the tropics - very healthy plants and Lyn has an excellent reputation here on the west coast.
I know there are others with more info than me on this but I would try ''.  they have a large selection and from my experience are reliable. 

Also, I am fairly certain most on this forum would not recommend plant-o-gram.  Again though, I have less experience than many others on here so hopefully some others chime in soon for ya.

I ordered from plantogram first since it seemed more people vouched for them than toptropicals, and they had more grafted plants that I was looking for in stock than toptropical. I will try a small order from toptropical and see how it goes. Does treasure of the tropics offer grafted plants?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Where To Buy These Plant Processors
« on: July 04, 2018, 01:22:04 PM »
Just doing a quick search (and there were numerous links) but here is from Amazon:
I found that one before, but since it only had 3 reviews I wanted to see if anyone found anymore options they have used themselves or had more reviews. The other options I found under my search seemed to be more expensive or not be a reliable source. At least with amazon I have a better chance of getting a refund, so if I that's the only one with verified reviews that can be found I will try it out.

With the advent of legal marijuana small scale oil extraction equipment is pretty common. Purchasing that stuff may put you under fed scrutiny though  :o

If you know someone handy with mechanical & plumbing a still can be built.

I hadn't come across the olympic distiller website yet so that's really helpful! The laws here are really harsh on anything relating to marijuana, so I won't be using it for that for a while   ;). I mainly want to make the cold press oils for food so I don't need to buy them at the grocery store, and essential oils to make my own body products so I don't need to make in the store either.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Where To Buy These Plant Processors
« on: July 03, 2018, 11:17:07 PM »
Hey I know this isn't exactly tropical fruit related, but I was wondering if anyone on here knew where to buy Cold Press Oil machines, the ones that can press nuts, seeds, and other foods to make things like coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, etc. I am also interested in a machine that can turn plants into essential oils, that I can then use for personal products like soap, shampoo,etc. I believe they are usually called steam distillers or stills. I have searched google for these products but have barely found anything, and if i do it's not credible at all and from somewhere like india or china. If anyone has any sources for these products or more information that would be extremely helpful. Thanks


Hello I was interested in mostly any grafted Tropical Fruit Trees. I tried to place an order from plantogram since they have a lot, but they cancelled it since they said they don't ship to me. I was really confused since it says on their front page they ship worldwide, and I am in a US territory.

Anyways, I am interested in any website you recommend that sells grafted trees, I would also be interested in buying from anyone on the forum who has any for sale and ships to me. I am most interested in grafted artocarpuses, theobromas, and jaboticaba varietes, however I am open to other species. Comment on this post or message me if you have any.



Hey you wouldn't happen to ship to Puerto Rico correct?

I got a fairy large order of seeds from him today, almost all were germinated even some with leaves. Very happy buying from him.

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