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$50 and $45 grimal jaboticaba sold, 2 blue jaboticaba also sold. I will update the thread monday with whats been sold when I ship everything, and will add more plants then as well.

I'll update the main thread when I'm on my computer

All ndonge sold, African pearwood sold. Might sell more I have later but they are larger.

dear Ertdude, is it possible to get some Quenepa shipped to new york city
I miss these very much. I would like 10 seeds of Quenapa. what do I need to do?. New to this forum.

I am sold out of fruits and seeds and the season is over.

thread updated except for the photos ill update soon, sold 1 ndonge, 1 cola lepidota, and 1 grafted sasa quenepa.

plant quantities left:

3 herrania
1 ndonge
3 JAva pear
4 grimal Jaboticaba
1 african pearwood
1 belize blackberry
3 red jaboticaba
1 ketembilla
1 pitangatuba
1 ackee
1 cola lepidota

still adding more plants by tuesday.

some or all seeds are starting to sprout, buy ASAP or I will plant them myself.

I will have this thread updated with new plants on or before Tuesday.

1 java pear sold, all mocambo sold(may add more), all sundrop sold(may add more), 1 cola lepidota sold(may sell another one today).

I will try to add some more plants soon. sold 1 artocarpus rigidus, 2 grafted sasa quenepas, and 1 keledang not listed.

I would be interested in a couple of those plants, depending on the price, but it is the wrong time of year to ship plants to my area. Hopefully, you will have another batch of rare plants for sale in the spring, when I do not have to worry about cold weather damaging plants during shipment.
Just contact me when you are ready. I have lots of plants and duplicates of most.

I just got my seeds from that seller today. Sent them inside the red berries, pretty cool and nicely packed. Gonna try and germinate them today.

Sold out

$55 grimal Jaboticaba sold

Cola lepidota.  Just need one tree to make fruit?
yes it should be similar to cola acuminata and nitida in terms of growth and requirements

May be adding these soon:

Miracle fruit
Giant araca boi
Cacao(many different varieties)
Blue Jaboticaba
Ice cream bean(different species)
Chupa chupa
Dacryodes edulis
Canarium schwenfurthii - African Elemi
Custard apple
Java olive
Air layered lychees
Garcinia madruno
Green water apple
Artocarpus rigidus
Artocarpus lanceifolius - keledang
Seashore mangosteen
And more

Let me know if interested in any of these and I can sell them.more likely to post if there is expressed interest in them

3 cola lepidota plants added, probably will be selling 1 java pear, 1 mocambo, and 1 sundrop tomorrow. I have more mocambo and sundrop plants that are both larger and smaller, but not necessarily gonna sell them, so I'd buy the ones listed before they get sold.

Pedalai sold out, 5 rollinia mucosa lefts, hundreds of acai left, a couple dozen of pointy sundrop and rollinia deliciosa left

$25 grimal Jaboticaba sold

Syzgium wilsonii and lemondrop mangosteen sold out

Fingersop, 1 mocambo, and bunya pine sold

Any tips on germinating Willughbeia ? I have tried several times and they don't take. they appear to be extremely picky!
I just plant them like any other seed and they've done fine, even the orange skin kubal I planted in bad soil a year ago and neglected it and it stayed alive. Most of the ones that have done good were already germinating when I got them.

Nuts contain anacardic acid and a caustic oil called cardol. They are poisonous before they are roasted (Blohm, 1962). Fruits are eaten by white-faced and how­ler monkeys (Hladik & Hladik, 1969) and by the bat Micronycteris hirsuta (Wilson, 1971),e,n

When uncooked, the fruit (both the nut and the surrounding fleshy part) is highly toxic to humans. It may, however, be eaten after it is roasted.

Ertdude, probably just smelling the seeds is enough to assess whether it has the smell of strawberry or vanilla;)
the seed did actually smell sweet, it's hard to say but I think it was a combination of both really, mostly smelled sweet though

For anyone who was interested in the orange skin Kubal, I am not selling it at this time since my extra plants I had seemed to die. So I'll be keeping my last one. I'll be adding some more plants in a few days, a few will be sold later today and I'll update the listing.

Potentially able to discount if multiple plants are bought and open to offers on some.

I ordered several Belize Blackberry seeds from Trade Winds. I have germinated other Trade Winds seeds but had absolutely no success with Belize Blackberry. None.

How did you germinate your seeds and what was your germination rate, if you do not mind me asking?
it was a while ago so I'm not 100% sure on the details, but i just planted the seeds regularly, and I was using a bad soil mix at the time. I'm pretty sure they all grew successfully since I've had 10-15 plants of this before. 

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