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Some time ago in an italian forum i have had respectful disagreement on another user about the subject in the title of this thread.
We were talking about the possibility of grafting some annonaceae on asimina triloba. Asimina triloba is, as you know, very cold tolerant. We were talking about the fact that an asimina rootstock could be used (at least for the annonaceae that are compatible) to increase the frost resistance of the scion (at least for the cherimoya, or for the A. squamosa).
The other user said that it was really possible, as the seeds of those annonaceae are orthodox, so the DNA of many annonas has instructions for building the frost-resistance proteins. He simply haven't had enough time to try it by itself, so he wasn't able to convince me with datas. I said that it seems to me a bit irrealistic to induce the transcription of a protein in a subtropical annona just trough grafting, but i wasn't sure too.
Anyway, i'm more interested in growing some annonas than being right. So i would really love to be wrong and having some of you that can confirm me that is really possible. Of course, we both (me and the other user) don't expect, if this is possible, to see annonas at -10F, but we expect an increase of 5-7F in their frost resistance... but it would also be great, and it would open to the growt of this plant even places where now is impossible to grow. 
Well, if there is someone that knows this must be here. Ideas?

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