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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Annona muricata seedling
« on: June 19, 2019, 01:11:39 PM »
Seedling A. muricata producing fruit at two years. It is flowering again 54 days later.

Has anyone here at TFF grown my Annona Reticulata   from seeds and cuttings that I have been spreading around for the last few years?

They are growing but no fruit yet.

It is better to grow this on pot or on the ground? I'm afraid to loose it during the winter... Thank's!

It is easier to control in a pot.

There are a lot of sources saying Ivy Gourd is invasive in places like Hawaii and India, but none say anything about mediterranean climates. Does anyone have experience with them in a Mediterranean climate?

Here's the most reliable resource about invasive species I use:
Since coccinia grandis prefers tropical rainforest climate, I guess that's the reason why you can't find any info about it in mediterranean climates. Way too dry.

Coccinia grandis can handle extreme dry. They will be difficult to control without vigilance. I left some in pots without water for almost a year. They did not perish and grew rapidly once watered. We have sharp dry seasons here in Vieques, probably much like the Mediterranean.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Ilama varieties
« on: October 01, 2018, 10:15:42 AM »

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Ilamas on my trees and seeds sprouting
« on: October 01, 2018, 06:53:44 AM »
Sunny, this is a ‘Genova Red’.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Annona reticulata Hybrids
« on: October 01, 2018, 12:25:51 AM »

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Ilamas on my trees and seeds sprouting
« on: September 30, 2018, 10:59:31 PM »
‘Genova Red’

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Ilama varieties
« on: September 30, 2018, 10:53:54 PM »


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Cherimoya and Atemoya scions
« on: September 30, 2018, 09:41:50 PM »
Do you have a photo of a ‘Leo Manuel 3’ Fruit?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: ILama seeds
« on: September 24, 2018, 08:09:58 PM »
Eight months has been the best for me without using GA3 in my limited experience. GA3 still seems the best option. I saved some seeds for two years and treated them at 175 ppm. They started to germinate and then declined quickly. Treating ~eight  month old seeds at 175 ppm gave high germination results. Treating seeds at two to four  months at 350 ppm has resulted in high germination rates. It seems that seeds that have germinated without use of GA3 have been vigorous and flower/fruit in a short timeline. One seedling of ‘Guillermo’ fruited before a grafted ‘Genova Red’, in the same timeline.

Hmm that's pretty handy. One of the harder prune spots is when a limb is trifurcated, and one only wants to cut the middle branch out of the "fork." That would fit right in. Also, root pruning destroys blades (due to sand / dirt abrasive action). Wonder if this would hold up?

These blades hold up well and cut very fast through wood. I used them for years in Florida mainly for oak tree root removal  when replacing concrete pours that were damaged by roots. Can make excellent plunge cuts when the reciprocating saw isn’t in orbital mode and held at an angle. This style blade comes in many brand names. All have had similar quality. They are ultra sharp but will dull with  exposure to sand. That wasn’t a problem as the blade cost was much less than the extra time spent without using this type blade. As I learned the hard way they are sharp and can remove a finger nail quickly.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: 48-18 red atemoya
« on: June 06, 2018, 02:40:38 AM »

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Anyone recognize this mango?
« on: June 04, 2018, 07:16:24 PM »
Anyone recognize the mango tree in my neighbor's yard? I want to plant one, but he doesn't know the variety, since it was there when he bought the house, so I thought that maybe the experts here could recognize it based on the unique shape of its canopy.

I have seen these types of mangos all over PR they are anthracnose resistant but high maintenance. They taste great but can become bitter in time. You will probably have to get a second job to support it. I would go for a different variety as these can not only take over the yard but your home and life also. Be careful that your neighbor doesn't start enjoying the fruits.

I hope your move to PR has went well so far. There is a guy in Vieques who grows annonas and other oddities. You should try contacting him also.

Rather than everyone guessing, i think it would be very easy to find out why members left just simply by asking them, should anyone really have enough interest in finding out real reasons? PM or email could even be sent as a survey which would be very easy for them to answer.

I just called Jack and no one answered. We kept in touch after my move to Vieques for a while and then no calls were answered. I know he had many projects and other things going on. I enjoyed his posts and they added a light hearted humor to the forum. He was the last person I met with before leaving Florida for my new life in Vieques. He is one of the most generous collectors I have ever met. He sent me away with a large bulk of seeds and asked for nothing in return.

He is a naturally high wired person and given his life experiences,  it is understandable. I like people with intensity. It is relatable. If you see  this post Jack, there is a hillbilly in Vieques trying to get a hold of you!

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Ilama seeds wtb
« on: May 10, 2018, 02:22:20 PM »
May be Raul still has. I got some seven month old seeds from Raul and all of them sprouted.

Did you use GA3 to germinate the seeds?

Threw in fridge for six weeks then in spagnum moss

Thanks 🌴

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Ilama seeds wtb
« on: May 09, 2018, 12:09:29 AM »
May be Raul still has. I got some seven month old seeds from Raul and all of them sprouted.

Did you use GA3 to germinate the seeds?

I am beginning to thinks some cherimoya may be graft compatible with pond apple, at least better than atemoya.

I did a thorough inspection of the trees and in addition to the Licia it appears boothe and white also appear to be growing.  Inca red did not take.

I couldn't get 'Inca Red' to take either.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Ilama seeds wtb
« on: May 06, 2018, 11:27:49 PM »
Flowers are setting now here in Vieques.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Guidelazeri
« on: April 23, 2018, 05:16:57 PM »
Six days from your hand to mine and nice packaging also. Thank you, Guilherme!

Hi, Nimfa

These are growing quickly here in Vieques. I notice color variations amongst the leaves on different seedlings. Nice! Thank you

I was reading an IFAS paper on Atemoya in Florida  The authors point out noted
 "Atemoya is not graft compatible with pond apple and therefore the use of an interstock is required"

I am trying Atemoya on pond apple and for now it looks like I have a couple of takes but I know they can still fail.
My question is, do any of you know what interstock works?
The authors used "49-11" which they described as " a 'Gefner' atemoya x A. reticulata hybrid"
Does anyone have scions of this hybrid?  or any tested interstock?

I intend to continue trying different atemoya on pond apple but I am open to try using this two step approach to get there.

I know there is a chart on the forum of graft compatibility and will be searching for it all afternoon :)

By the way, all is not lost.  After last years limited success, I started some cherimoya for root stock and some of my graft this year on 1 year old seedlings of cherimoya.

Found the table

I have '47-18' grafted onto A. glabra and it has performed better on A. glabra than on A. reticulata in my experience. At 21 months it has flowered many times and currently has fruit set. You can see a photo of the small grafted plant  on the compatibility thread. I also have 'Whitman' fiberless A. muricata grafted onto A. glabra. The graft is pushing now and is keeping in time with those grafted onto muricata.

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