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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Various seedlings for sale
« Last post by palologrower on Today at 11:33:04 PM »

Santol $15
Maprang $12
Aracaboi (2 plants in one pot) $15
Red longan $20
Abiu pilosa $20
“Gigante” rainforest plum $12
Achacha $10

Shipping is separate and depends on what is bought.

Also have some other jaboticaba seedlings for sale (branca Mel, novak phitrantha, etc)
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Any Info on Cotton Candy Mango?
« Last post by simon_grow on Today at 11:13:42 PM »
Anticlimactic everyone, the mango was definitely not in best form. The skin was still green with very little coloring and it was getting wrinkly.

When I cut into it, I was happy that it felt ripe enough to be edible but I tested the Brix and it only came out to 17% Brix. I took a bite and instantly knew this fruit was not in prime condition. I taste the potential in this one, it did have a very subtle Candy smell to it but this particular fruit was definitely grown under poor conditions on a dying tree so I’ll have to taste a properly grown Cotton Candy before passing judgement on this variety.

I do have one more fruit hanging on this tree but it’s a runt, possibly a nubbin.

Citrus General Discussion / Re: Kinzu Kumquat/Orange?
« Last post by franklazar26 on Today at 11:11:05 PM »
I did come across that as well, but couldn't find any for sale. I am happy with my little hong kong kumquat that I get to train and see what happens! Brian, how long did you have them before they died? Did you grow them yourself from seed or purchase like me? I'm trying to see how long till they fruit? Also every site seems to have the same info spit up, which is not much on them.
Are they legal  in USA?
Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Unknown citrus
« Last post by Millet on Today at 09:52:40 PM »
Ilya11, what do you mean that it is not a Poncirus trifoliate.  I certainly look like a trifoliate hybrid of some type to me.
Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Unknown citrus
« Last post by will2358 on Today at 09:45:02 PM »
It is not a Poncirus trifoliata on the second picture.
It's a root stock that had Owari grafted to it. What do you think it is? It looks like the trifoliata where I got the fruits for my seedlings.
I live in Belize but can't recall seeing them here.  Will ask around. 
This will be first purchase. Please bare with me. I will send you ¥24 for both passiflora’s you have.
What is the way to pay you? PayPal?
You will send to NYC. I leave to Puerto Rico early December. Hope they won’t die. 
Emir Lopez

Please check your PM
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Any Info on Cotton Candy Mango?
« Last post by johnb51 on Today at 09:00:51 PM »
Cotton candy has been a fairly quick and erect grower for me. This is 1-1/2 years in the ground from a Zill 3 gallon.
the flushes this summer went straight up.

So next summer should be the acid test when you finally get to taste it!
grapefruit is awesome


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