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Temperate Fruit Discussion / Re: Spicezee
« Last post by Viking Guy on Today at 11:14:16 PM »
My SpiceZee is loaded in flowers now.  Looking forward to the harvest.

I'll pop up some photos later.
One year an r2e2 won the mangoes at the moana event.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Chrysophyllum oliviforme
« Last post by fruitlovers on Today at 11:04:08 PM »
Bird food. It is quite small. Usually planted as ornamental tree here only.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Did I graft correct
« Last post by EJO8 on Today at 10:57:46 PM »
It's hard to say. The typically grafting season is around June for us in CA. If the graft failed it should turn black/brown in a few weeks. The graft won't heal completely for a few months. Also do you have anything other that parafilm holding the graft union together?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Did I graft correct
« Last post by simon_grow on Today at 10:55:34 PM »
We won't know until it pushes. Even after it pushes, some grafts will fail. Keep your fingers crossed.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Did I graft correct
« Last post by AnnonaMangoLord45 on Today at 10:33:44 PM »
Hello, I recently grafted some mango trees via cleft. This is the second week since the procedure and the graft wound hasn't healed, but the scion lush and the graft successful? Here are some pics

I'd talk to the plant inspection folks local to you and make sure they're happy with how you're filling the form out. Mine here basically said fill it out and mail it in, but I got a cranky call from some lady up in Gainesville because those guys were supposed to come out and inspect before I sent it in I guess. At least that's what she seemed to think. Maybe I wasn't supposed to check the nurseryman vs stock dealer boxes? Either way, one of the local inspectors showed up here out of the blue a few months later and I'm good to go now. Call them, they're there to answer all of our stupid questions about their stupid forms. ;-)

I've had no problem getting wholesale pricing with just my certificate of nursery registration, but apparently that may vary place to place.

What these other folks are saying about a resale certificate for supplies and other taxable things you may sell is absolutely correct. I'm just begging to differ on the necessity for strictly fruit tree and other food producing plant/seed/cutting sales, since they're exempt from sales tax in FL. If a nursery is charging you sales tax on fruit trees even without a resale cert, they're doing it wrong.


I think you are correct as that is the form and the people I had called today. Where I was confused is where I think you need an inspection for one of the choices. I would be option 2 (stock dealer) since I would be buying and selling and not growing and selling. I also probably need a resale cert to buy from the nurseries as well to keep from paying their sales tax. This might be all I need to get this done. Thank you!
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Container Growing Dwarf Mango's
« Last post by hcbeck2689 on Today at 09:56:17 PM »
Thanks for the replies everyone.  Yes I've been through Starch's very well though-out and amazing thread  :).  I learned quite a bit there (it's actually how I came up with my list), but it was slightly unclear which varieties were true dwarfs conducive for container growing or those that can be topped to be a condo mango. 

Where can I buy Orange Essence - I've never heard of it and haven't seen many threads? 

Ideally, I'm looking for the best variety to grow in a container.  Do my top 5 choices look good - they're all from Starch's thread or should I replace with something else?  It'd be nice to spread the season out, but I'd rather buy plants that I know can be sized up in Fabric Pots, and have them be healthy and fruit well.
It's pretty pricey but I have never seen another site with so many varieties. I am in the same situation as you. I plan to grow exclusively in pots. I am holding off on accumulating more trees bc I am about to move. Although, I'm not too concerned with having a dwarf tree. I don't mind a 12' tree in a pot under a sky light.

Excalibur also has Orange Essence, but they do not ship. I'm sure you could find someone here to shop you one.
I forgot to mention I am in south Florida. We dont have soil, we have sand
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