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Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: F2 citrange winter hardiness trial
« Last post by Ilya11 on Today at 03:54:32 AM »
Do not have much experience with its open pollinated seedlings, but in crosses occasionally there are  some deciduous plants.
My seeds arrived in great condition. Though the inspection process took about a month, seeds were never damaged, all germinated. great seller!
cliff did not passed away last year, he's alive  :)
I have had good luck with getting cold-hardy avocado scions from Really Good Plants. It says under shipping info that you can't check out on their website for international orders, but to email them about it and they might be able to accommodate it.

I'd recommend their Royal-Wright variety along with Duke, maybe Aravaipa (vigorous tree, mediocre fruit quality). So far Royal-Wright is the one that has had almost 100% of grafts take, Aravaipa a close second. None of my Second Red grafts took, but it looks like that's not in stock anyhow. I just got my Duke scions this week so can't give success rates. Here's the blog post where they give descriptions and photos of the varieties they offer.

Thank you very much for this complete information swincher!! I will defintely contact them for these three varieties. I have you informed.
Hi everyone! Anyone has cherimoya rootstocks for sale or recommend where to buy in California ? Thank you !
Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Luc's garcinia scions
« Last post by BonsaiBeast on Today at 12:59:48 AM »
Nice offering and big lucs tree
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Kesar vs Jumbo Kesar
« Last post by Tropicdude on Today at 12:54:44 AM »
There is no difference in taste between the two varieties, everything is the same except the size of the fruit.

from what I have gathered, this was a natural mutation (I think they call it a somatic mutation) that happened on one part of a tree in an orchard in India, the farmer noticed that one branch of this tree always had much larger fruit, so he propagated it, and this is how we got the Jumbo Kesar.

I know that Kesar and Jumbo Kesar are in Florida, from what I have gathered, they grow well here, Kesar seems to be better adapted to different climates, unlike Alphonso, which does not do or taste as well outside it's preferred growing area.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Eugenia myrcianthes - Uvaia do Campo
« Last post by marklee on Today at 12:44:14 AM »
I agree, the ones I had growing tasted like garlic, we just called them "Skunkfruit". I just stopped watering it and now I use the truck for a grape trellis.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Cleft Grafting Red Jabo onto Sabara
« Last post by marklee on Today at 12:30:06 AM »
I grafted the "Red" on my in the ground Sabara, and the scion really struggles. I think it really needs lower pH water and peat moss. The truncifolia grafts grow amazing and the mother tree is fine.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: mandarinquat tree fl
« Last post by marklee on Today at 12:24:43 AM »
I've got a variegated one and way too sour, I'll stick with kumquat.
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