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Please send all orders through the forum messaging.  Many people who email me using my email address directly are being lost in my junk mail folder.  Please do all correspondence through the forum.  Thanks and happy grafting
I have a 6 yr. old propane fed Reznor UDAP 120K heater which crapped out on me last year resulting in years of grafting/growing losses, much less the emotional strain.  Tech fixed it and sure enough, we get 23F lows the other day and it failed at about 5:00.  Luckily had only a low of 30F but still lost a few new grafts and a large bearing tomato plant.  I did 86 grafts this year on citrus, avocado, annona and mango and don't want to go thru this again! 

After narrowing my choices down between a L.B. White Thermoglow 120 and a Sterling GG 105, think I'm gonna go with the Sterling.  Lots to like and the change out will be easy. 

Thoughts based on experience?  Am looking for a heater that is reliable.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: couple of ID's please...
« Last post by Aaron on Today at 07:35:24 AM »
Number 3 looks like Deinbollia oblongifolia
NOTE: the collector sent me these seeds telling me that they were from the ultra rare Myrciaria sp. from Paraguay (I have some trees from that species but not fruiting yet!), but in fact the seeds are from Plinia rivularis, a rare but known species.

* Guaporetí (Plinia rivularis) Fruit is sweet and not acid, similar to guabiju in that regard, the dark brown skin is tasty similar to jaboticaba but not acid, and the pulp taste like guabiju and multifruit juice (banana, orange, apple, peach, jaboticaba), it has a personal taste, very good. One seed per fruit, rarely two. Frost resistance: -6º C, very hardy species.

On stock

2 seeds USD 9
5 seeds USD 18
10  seeds USD 32
25  seeds USD 76
50  seeds USD 150
100 seeds USD 280

I am accepting payments now.


I recently received some of your seeds in excellent condition.  The only problem is they are much larger than the Plinia rivularis seeds I've planted in the past (almost 3-4 times as large), and the seeds I planted before are confirmed to be the correct species.

Also, Plinia rivularis is a small fruit, so I'm wondering if you have a picture of the mother tree, or a picture of some fruits to confirm this tree's identity?


Hello Adam,

I am happy the seeds arrived in excellent condition.
Yes, I can send a picture of the tree, the fruit is not season now, I will take the picture of the mothers trees and send to you
This seeds was collected of  6 different mother tree in the shore forest  of the sea of the state of Sao Paulo,
Probably you received two size of seeds, one small other bigger, the fruit are the same, but some mother tree have big fruit , and other mother tree have small fruit
The main feature of the Plinia rivularis seeds is inside the seed the color is pink.



Hi, I am in shok now:

"The main feature of the Plinia rivularis seeds is inside the seed the color is pink. "

so I have Plinia rivularis :-)

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Seeds, difficult to find
« Last post by huertasurbanas on Today at 06:47:21 AM »
To all Brazilian friends.
Who can procure these seeds.
Agonandra sylvatica,
Campomania lineatifolia
Eugenia beaureparirana,
Eugenia lutescens,
Peritassa laevicata,
Plinia rivularis.
If you have the chance to have these seeds,
Send me an email

Best regards, Vittorio

I have Plinia rivularis

2 seeds USD 10
5 seeds USD 20
10  seeds USD 36
25  seeds USD 85
50  seeds USD 156
100 seeds USD 290
I have now

2 seeds USD 10
5 seeds USD 20
10  seeds USD 36
25  seeds USD 85
50  seeds USD 156
100 seeds USD 290

Citrus General Discussion / Re: Louisiana Citrus - Video
« Last post by Sylvain on Today at 06:24:18 AM »
OK, it works.
Thank you!
And here are the two dioscorea bulbifera bulbs that i got from Cesar. They are big... 250g each and will be planted next spring!  ;D

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