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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Bael fruit.
« Last post by fruitlovers on Today at 10:35:00 PM »
Have a bael tree growing. Getting to about the size it should start fruiting soon. It's an interesting and very unusual tasting fruit. Worth growing. But be forewarned, the tree is extremely thorny.
Did your bael fruit tree fruit yet Oscar?  Where is the origin?
Not yet, but haven't checked it in a while. Started it from seed. Forget the source. Might be from seeds i brought from India.
First flowers on my biggest tree:

Very informative, thanks Oscar!!
Seeds arrived today. Thanks Carlos!
Here is a video of Lindsay's recent presentation (November 18) on durians in Hawaii. It's everything you wanted to know about durians, but were afraid to ask.  ;D It's in 6 parts, for a total of over 2 hours. The first and second part the volume is a bit low (had no dedicated mike) so if you have a hard time hearing you can skip to part 3, and after, where the volume gets better.
Part 1:
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Is it on Mt Leseur the home of D.macrantha?
no its not in mount leuser.should he choose to go to mount leuser the nearest airport would be in medan and banda aceh.pekanbaru is in riau province.i suppose the place he would go would probably be at border of riau and west sumatra
It’s been decided that it is G. vleerackeii, correct?

Luc, is that a really nice name ;D ??

For seeds you can purchase directly from Luc in May 2018 I guess.

For seedlings, some members may help for ex Oscar (
Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: GDSeeds
« Last post by guidelazeri on Today at 08:55:09 PM »
I intend to send Acnistus arborescens as camouflaged in the middle of papers (small seeds) so the freight cost of this species will be lower (USD 3). I'll make my first attempt next week. I'll make my first attempt next week.
Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Seedlings and seeds for sale
« Last post by Grapebush on Today at 08:15:29 PM »
Hi everybody!

I currently have a few extra seedlings that I'm willing to sell, from the following species:

Dovyalis caffra - 2 about 30cm tall @ €10 each, and 1 about 40cm tal and well branched @ €20.

Eugenia Sp. (sweet type of Uvaia (not E. lutescens)) - between 20cm and 35cm @ €12 each.

Syzygium jambos - Between 15cm and 25cm tall @ €8 each.

Myrciantes pungens - about 20cm tall @ €10 each.

Psidium catleyanum (yellow fruit) - between 50cm and 80cm tall @ €15 each.

Eugenia uniflora (big red fruit) - 1m tall €20 (might flower in the next season) - Also barerroot seedlings of different sizes @ €3 each (min of 4 seedlings per order).

Psidium Sp. ( ) - 25cm tall @ €15 each.

Eugenia aggregata (Syn. E. involucrata) - 30cm tall @ €18.

Solanum quitoense - +- 15cm tall @ €5 each (min of 2 per order).

Fig cuttings of a few different varieties - €4 each (min. of 4 cuttings per order (can be all 4, of 4 different varieties).

Also have seeds of the following species:

Syzygium aqueum - €1,5 each (min of 6 seeds per order).

Cornus capitata - 10 seeds for €8. (limited)

Psidium Sp. ( ) - 15 seeds for €20.  (limited)

I would prefer to post plants to European Union only, but might consider post them somewhere else, however they will be sent outside EU, at buyers responsability.
Seeds will ship anywhere in the world!

Items with minimum quantity per order, might be sold at lower quantities, if combined with something else, to a minimum of €15.

Shipping depends on weight of your order! Everything is shipped with tracking number!

Will add some photos in the coming days.

Thank you,
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