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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Quararibea cordata search
« Last post by Satha on Today at 03:30:04 AM »

Go to FB and find Celupalphone Celupalphone. He is from Colombia. He has seeds now. I have ordered and await confirmation.

I have heard that Glenn & PPK have "short" seasons.  Just how short are they?  If true which one has the longer season. Also which of these two is earlier.  Thanks.
the Sugarloaf trees look more productive than Coconut cream. M-4 at a minimum looks a lot more precocious than Coconut cream and in “on” years the original tree’s yields are extremely heavy. It’s a better mango frankly and so is Sugarloaf, which is much more consistent than coconut cream and seems more forgiving about when it is harvested.

I kind of wish the “coconut cream” name had been saved for one of those two rather than C-20.

I had heard Sugarloaf had a pineapple flavor profile & had named after the white pineapple of the same name.  Is that accurate?  From the discussion it sounds like Sugarloaf has either a coconut or pina collada profile.  Thanks.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Brutal heatwave 7/06/18 in Socal
« Last post by WaterFowler on Today at 02:11:13 AM »
My Lemon Zest seemed to love the heat wave. And we are the 2nd hottest area in the nation next to Death Valley. The town I live in is literally called "Thermal". My LZ was only holding on to one fruit but looks like it will keep it til maturity. Picture is taken a top a step ladder about 10 days after heat wave. It burst out with growth right after it hit at least 122 degrees.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Adenium Socatranum
« Last post by Vishnu on Today at 01:13:52 AM »
Anyone have Adenium Socotranum seeds plz Inform me I want?

Just bought a cloning machine and i was curious what trees people have tried to root cuttings with and had success. Figured i would dedicate a thread to this interesting topic.

I will try rooting every tree i have and see my chances, then report back on my success.

Also bought a tissue culture kit so i'll see what i can tissue culture as well.

This should be fun.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Brutal heatwave 7/06/18 in Socal
« Last post by beicadad on Today at 01:05:22 AM »
Simon, sorry to see that. Did the cracking happen like 10 days after the heatwave? I hope your loss is only limited to those in the pic
Very awesome man! Just let me know when you have anything ready to trade/sell. I'm down for any and all edible yam varieties. You've done the work I've planned to do for some time. I'm a survival gardening minded guy and seek to have many varieties in the event of who knows what. Yams are perfect for such application being that they need very little attention over time with potential to be heavy producers. Got other root veggies that may interest you whenever.


Yams are productive and, as far as I'm concerned, the tastiest roots. I'm looking forward to the trade, it'll be the first time I make something available forum-wide. I hope I manage to get good material safely to everyone involved.

I have some varieties of yam in my garden. Is there any manual/book describing the varieties which could help me to classify my varieties ?

The book links I posted in my last post explain the anatomy of the varieties, but I'll sum up the information on the most prominent distinctions. When talking about leaves, I mean the leaves on the upper portion of mature vines. Leaves on the lowest portion, as well as on young vines, can sometimes develop in a different configuration (usually alternate on a vine that otherwise has paired leaves).

Vines that twist to the left (lower right to upper left: the "S" twist):
D. esculenta
D. bulbifera
D. trifida
D. pentaphylla
D. dumetorum

Vines that twist to the right (lower left to upper right: the "Z" twist):
D. rotundata & cayennensis
D. alata
D. nummularia
D. transversa
D. polystachya
D. japonica
D. hamiltonii

Paired Leaves:
D. rotundata & cayennensis
D. alata
D. nummularia
D. polystachya
D. japonica
D. hamiltonii

Alternate Leaves:
D. esculenta
D. bulbifera
D. trifida
D. transversa
D. pentaphylla
D. dumetorum

Pentaphylla leaves are divided into 5 leaflets, dumetorum into 3, the rest are singular. Trifida leaves are somewhat palmate, and other than the rounded leaflets of pentaphylla and dumetorum, the rest are heart-shaped (with varying ratios of length-breadth and varying degrees of rounded to angular corners).

Trifida, alata and hamiltonii stems have ridges/wings (which can be substituted by corresponding ridges of spines in some varieties of alata). Rotundata, cayennensis, esculenta, pentaphylla and dumetorum stems tend to be spined or prickly; the rest are smooth (though some species, like nummularia, can have prickles at the base). Bulbifera and nummularia have round stems, polystachya has a square stem. Dumetorum is highly pubescent/fuzzy.

Bulbifera has round bulbils (usually large, but tiny ones are also produced), polystachya and japonica bulbils can be round or oval, and are always small. Alata bulbils are ovoid to long & irregular, and are small to medium sized. Pentaphylla bulbils (allegedly not edible) are small to medium sized and horseshoe shaped, and dumetorum bulbils (probably toxic) are spiny. I'm not sure how transversa bulbils are, but only some varieties produce them. The rest don't usually produce bulbils. Bulbifera is a reliable producer of bulbils, whereas not all varieties of alata produce bulbils (and those that do aren't usually as productive as bulbifera).

Those are the main distinctions, but there's always variation among the species listed, never mind those that I didn't get to list, which should have further differences. Can you take closeup pictures of your vines? Leaves, lower and upper stems and how the stems curl? They might be easy to identify right here.


My Ube kept declining, so after examining the roots (which already had a new tuber forming, with the old tuber not fully deteriorated) I cut the vine to a stump (hoping for it to branch, or for a new one to form from the base) and replanted it in a small pot for observation. I accidentally knocked off the old tuber, and I'm really hoping I can get a second vine from it.

The first mystery yam bulbils have rotted away. Only two remain, and I think they'll rot soon enough. The second mystery yam (sold as D. pseudo-tomentosa) arrived in the mail, suspiciously packaged identically to the first mystery yam, despite being a separate Thai eBay seller. That said, while dry, they definitely seemed to be in much better condition, and even seemed to have some sprouts forming. I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll get them to grow without losing them. Here's some pics:

The pentaphylla bulbils have yet to arrive, and I'm a little worried about the state they'll be in. I'm also waiting on an alata (which I bought thinking I'd get a dumetorum due to the photos used), a cayennensis, and some non-Dioscoreas: an Elephant-foot Yam (Amorphophallus paeoniifolius), some Ensete ventricosum seeds and Roy's Hogdsonia seeds. It's exiting to expect something in the mail every day, and a little nerve-wracking (you'll never know when it'll arrive and in what state it'll be in).
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: can the peanut butter tree take wet feet?
« Last post by Paquicuba on July 17, 2018, 11:44:06 PM »
I have a small one as well that is doing fine so far. I'm on top of the Everglades, so I'm also getting showers every afternoon. Where my tree is located the soil gets very saturated since it's near where the pool overflows.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Site Outage
« Last post by palmcity on July 17, 2018, 11:36:34 PM »
Am I the only person who thought maybe I got individually banned. The error message
was new and said something about my address. I thought maybe I pissed someone off???

I had my wife try it and she couldn't get on either then I was really bummed imagining
the end of this forum? I will be glad to pitch in

I also had  just ordered some new seeds, I know I said I wasn't going to start any more projects this
year but I promise this is the last project what's 20 more seeds?
I was also wondering why access was blocked with the vague language used and am happy to see it was a site problem rather than an individual blocked access.

I would really miss the opportunity to see other peoples opinions of their fruit preferences and the new varieties being frequently presented.

I know I also have my opinions and differ from some others on the forum. I personally oppose name calling and insulting people for their opinions regardless of their extent of plant & other knowledge. However, I acknowledge that some of the most plant knowledgeable are occasionally more expressive of unnecessary adjectives delivered to parties giving opinions or asking questions.

In the future, I will try to decrease my opinions of the situations and ignore irrelevent material out of my control presented by others. Sorry if I offended any in the past...

Thanks everyone for your forum support.
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