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How do those red longans taste?
I ran out for now.  However they have that star anise/ Chinese five spice element to it.  I like them a lot.  The flesh seed ratio could be better.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Growing Tropicals on Beach property
« Last post by elouicious on Today at 12:55:56 PM »
Try researching carribean island fruits- they are generally adapted to wind and salt

In particular Mimusops spp.
haha yeah I've seen coconut trees in beaches too..! loads of 'em!
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Gardening by the moon-phases
« Last post by Daintree on Today at 12:47:45 PM »
Great story carolyn, did you get sprayed for free skunk effort? :blank:

Interestingly, skunks are fairly mild-mannered unless startled.  They do have a pungent body odor even when not spraying, so while he was still groggy we just put him into a crate with an open can of cat food, the police officer put him in the trunk of his car and turned him loose. The skunk wouldn't leave the crate at first because he was still chowing down on the cat food!  We got the crate back, but never could get the smell out and had to throw it away.

If they are not really close to the beach it will be ok?
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Gardening by the moon-phases
« Last post by mangomadness on Today at 12:09:16 PM »
interesting facts!
@fishinsteeg what mangos do you have?


I have a 2 year old Valencia pride, and 1 year old Keitt, Orange sherbet, and Fruit Punch. All purchased as 3 gal. The VP gets pruned several times a year. The VP and OS are in the ground, and the other two will be going in the ground this upcoming early spring.

Thats great! they must be your favourite flavours to eat or flavours you like eating. Hope fully youwill get some fruit soon!  :)
Yes, costs are relative.  Workers get about $125 for a 40 hour week here and that includes complete health care.  Land is variable with agricultural land going from $5000 an acre.  Whatís good is that the Costa Ricanís do have disposable income and they are great fruit buyers.  Probably most of the mangosteens are sold by the kilo to locals.
How does this compare to tamarindus indica in taste?
Hi GivingTree,
I do not have a clue. I read that they are not related, then I read that they are only distantly related, so I hope someone else can clarify for you.

I still tip prune but I do agree I don't think its as necessary as I once did.

I change my style to start tipping at chest height and continue it until I can hollow out the inside.
My goal is not to have to prop fruit off the floor, airflow and a nice shade canopy I can sort of walk under. (i don't mind using a picker and/or a step ladder for now)

If you want a bush style mango tree then I still think the Dr. Campbell method is still the way to go.

As for the OP question:
I'd keep the 3 healthiest branch that are not at the top of the branching point (last 2 pictures)
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