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Yeah, I can't restrict these beautiful plants into pots, because they really seem to necessitate being in the ground.  I am in an area where a couple people have Babaco planted in the ground and it seems to manage just fine. Worst comes to worse I'll divert all water away from the tree.  And if even then, I would root cuttings.  I have found that planting them in a shallower, yet larger pot seems to be their preferred home. 

My palandensis in pots are growing in Baby B.U. potting soil, and they are fed compost tea every so often.  Keeping it organic and very light on the nutrient regiment, and they seem to be stoked.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Fruit identification
« Last post by Weboh on Today at 05:18:42 PM »
A couple of my neighbors have what appears to be fruit trees. I don't recognize the fruit though.

I think they're the same fruit, but one's riper maybe? What do you guys think?
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: rarest papaya on earth. palanda papaya
« Last post by lebmung on Today at 05:18:21 PM »
Once again move the plants into a deep container 3 feet and like 20 gallon. A ne-o deep container will distorse the tap root and eventually stop the growth.
Yes in soil the grow very fast. They have similar grow habit like papayas and other vasconcellea.
I am afraid the one you planted in clay soil at first cold rain root rot will set and there is nothing you can do. Unfortunately also the soil gets contaminated and you can't grow another email in the same position. The only way out is to root the stem above so you can save the aerial plant.

I have 4 or 5 V. palandensis that I've grown from seed. I planted one in the ground this spring and it is just exploding! Heres one leaf that is about 3 times the size of my hand. It has begun its lateral branching and is a dense beautiful, healthy vasconcellea.  I'll post some pictures tonight, because it's really very nice.  Hopefully it will tolerate my clay soil this winter, haha.

Because, I think the knowledge of my process should be shared with anyone, I would gladly answer any questions!
I had a ground squirrel chew my young cado, stone fruit, and mango branches, in one instance, it chewed my grafted mango right above the graft, it was pushing and then it stalled. I was pissed and wanted to yank it. it had less than 1/3rd branch left and it was 1/4" thick to begin with. In 3 weeks I see it pushing hard again and the wound is fattening and healing.

may be it will work out, not sure in the long run if that tree would be strong enough.
Another Dioscorea bulbifera and Dioscorea hispida source:

From the looks of things, that's a medicinal type, not an edible one. Like the ones on eBay. I wouldn't trust it. Bulbifera isn't like hispida or the other famine food yams... If you get a toxic type, processing it won't leach out the - very potent - toxins (that only works on the semi-toxic types, which shouldn't even be grown in my opinion, given the variety of bulbifera cultivars that lack that toxicity).
Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Ichangquat other than 6-7-2
« Last post by mikkel on Today at 04:46:45 PM »
This is my 245 from Eisenhut in ground at Lake Constance. No flowers yet.

What kind of winter protection do you use? How cold is it in winter in your region?
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Rare, unusual Variegated fruit trees
« Last post by Bush2Beach on Today at 04:17:06 PM »
No need to complain about it in this thread. Certainly locked yourself off now.
FFF thread in buy/sell/trade , most recent post may offer you an explanation of why your not getting the home nursery tour for 1 pitangatuba plant. Buy one from the Ebay link if you want one. They are available right..,

would like to see variegated versions of the following,

cherry of rio
rainforest plum!

Speaking of pitangatuba, Iíve emailed you at least 3 times asking about availability and when I might be able to stop by and pick one of them, and possibly some other trees up but no response. I thought maybe you were out of biz.

Iíve got two seedlings. The larger one I got from baker creek and the smaller one is from TWF. They arenít very cold tolerant. They were damaged at 45 F but not terribly. They also donít like wet feet. Leaf hoppers adore them which makes the leaves all ugly and curled. Hopefully I get male and female and not two of one sex. Iím having a hard time finding another source for the seeds  :(

Jesssfl27, what soil are you using?  I've tried commerical potting soil, garden soil and various mixtures but the plants don't seem to thrive at all.  Mine is about the size of yours but nearly leafless and chlorotic.  Are you feeding yours?  If so, with what?   I'd like to keep mine alive, but I'm not having much luck.


The larger one is in 1/3 parts sand, cow manure, and peat moss. Smaller one is in miracle grow natures care organic mix. Iíd say both are surviving and not thriving. Iíll definitely try the foliar feeding as per lebmungs suggestion. So far Iíve given oscomote plus and compost. They donít like wet feet at all. Iíve got them in fabric pots with the hope that itíll be difficult to overwater. Im currently at war with the leaf hoppers. Hopefully once thatís over theyíll perk up a bit.

I haven't had any problem with leaf hoppers, but that's probably because the plant doesn't seem to retain any leaves :-(  The trunk looks healthy and green, and there are some small leaves pushing, so there is hope.  I've moved it to a shaded area again as it doesn't seem to like direct sunlight at all.  I'm also considering moving it indoors because the region that it comes from seems to average about 70 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the year.  Maybe it just doesn't like the heat here in Miami.  I'd love suggestions.  I'd really like to keep it alive.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: What does pawpaw taste like?
« Last post by roblack on Today at 04:07:33 PM »
Interested in growing pawpaw too. wondering if some varieties do better this far south.
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