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Sounds like your pods didn't ripen properly. They usually fall on their own at right time, a bit greenish, and then start yellowing up after falling. The pods are extremely hard when properly ripened. Best is to ccack them against the edge of a cement slab. Crack them along the equator. You can also use a machete to crack along that same line.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Real cherilata
« Last post by JF on Today at 01:07:34 AM »
Are you guys the spokesman for John? Shot( John Painter) words are engraved in the thread below if he wants to correct or clarify what he said in 2 separate replies let him speak for himself. With respect to the best annona you ever had, thats yr opinion which I put very little credence since you guys provide no references to which anonas you are comparing it to. I will judge for myself when I fruit it and compare it to my 50 varieties of anonas.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Avocado 24/7 Thread
« Last post by spaugh on Today at 12:57:59 AM »
The root is normal they all do it, just keep picking them slowly.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Growing sugar apple from seed
« Last post by Francis_Eric on Today at 12:17:32 AM »
I made it sound harder than it is
just a couple inches of soil (peat moss) in a gallon bag blow up with air inside seal.
you should see condensation water droplets on the side of the bag in a day or so.
(but so not over water seeds will rot)(

Tommyng That can always work in rich soil good offer of  you.
 I've been having problems with squirrels eating my persimmon seeds , and others (maybe coat cayenne pepper next time)
like Osage Orange for Che rootstock (I want to try grafting onto like others che's  are good tasting)

Glad you actualy posted this stayed awake , and went through seeds I have
Looks Like I got Cornelian Cherry (A dog wood species that mice didn't get into in a broken storage container)
I hope they grow
 (also checked my Gingko biloba sprouts wish I gathered more seed sprouts (ratio) looks Okay though.

If you think About it in the woods (edit) leaves fall break down,
and seeds stay under them building up humidity like a blanket.
Or just look at a compost bin it's warmer then the other soil.

since I do not have room inside for a big tree  For fun I've grown a Mango in a thick dog food bag opened
It grew thick , and fast.

the older ones in full sun with weeks head start barely grew even in time months they didn't out compete the one in humidity.
(edit )Keeping seeds sprouting IN a sealed Bag after leaves form for a while can cause mold this is for getting the roots to form.
(For Pawpaw (a Annonaceae likes acidic soil I like pine bark compost  found in stores.)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Avocado 24/7 Thread
« Last post by figbert on Today at 12:11:12 AM »

Reed seed pushed a root radicle.

This is my 1st year to harvest avocados - I've been picking one Reed avocado a week from my tree. They're great, but each one is pushing a radicle. Is that normal? should I start picking them sooner rather than later? I was planning to stretch them out for another two months, but having to eat them sooner wouldn't be the worst thing in the world ...
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Real cherilata
« Last post by Jabba The Hutt on August 05, 2020, 11:41:26 PM »;all
Go ahead and read this thread reply#9 jabba
I think you are confusing johnís words: Tikal x cherimoya
Is that a cherilata? No, itís a retimoya

Confirmed: the FL cherilata from Painter's grove is cherimoya x reticulata. This means the seed came from a Florida grown cherimoya polinated with reticulata. Thus the name Cherilata. Best Annona I've had.

Frank, I'm not confusing his words... He says it is a Cherimoya x Reticulata not the other way around. True Cherilata!

I agree dwfl, best Annona I have had!
Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Seeds
« Last post by pinkturtle on August 05, 2020, 11:32:25 PM »
updated list

Hi achetadomestica,

What is the difference between this fruit and Ilama? 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Best tasting mango varieties
« Last post by johnb51 on August 05, 2020, 10:58:26 PM »
Come on, Rob.  Educate Carlos.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Best tasting mango varieties
« Last post by spaugh on August 05, 2020, 10:42:46 PM »
Tommy Atkins
Why you say that?

Was a joke come on

 Not sure about such a joke, a properly ripened Tommy Atkins may just very well be better than a Graham.

Did you plant a tommy atkins tree in your yard rob?

Ha!  Nope, and no Graham, Carrie or Julie either.

What areyour thoughts on keitt and kent mangos?
Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Seeds
« Last post by achetadomestica on August 05, 2020, 10:42:13 PM »
updated list

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