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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Phoenix mango? Doesn't look like it
« Last post by Oolie on Today at 05:04:37 PM »
The Taralay I tried at the tasting this year was pretty excellent, sap flavor of parsnip (I think this has to be the "Indochinese" flavor) and a flesh flavor of yellow peach similar to Valencia Pride.

I think its popularity will increase, as the flavors are appreciable to most, as a contrast to the Maha Chanok, which has the same sap flavor, but the flesh flavor is a deeper musky fruit flavor similar to a flavor found in durio.

Taralay is for the masses, Maha is a little too far from the norm, but still awesome.
Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Does rootstock hasten fruit ripening in citrus?
« Last post by Millet on Today at 02:49:07 PM »
The best advice is to choose a root stock that is adapted to the soils and climate in which the tree is going to be planted;  As a general rule the faster a tree grows the poorer the fruit quality.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Phoenix mango? Doesn't look like it
« Last post by jbaqai on Today at 02:42:53 PM »
I too had business in past with Lynn and got some really specimen from her

But as pointed out earlier , her shipments were in question and put plants in unnecessary stress

Survival rate of lychee was 15 to 25% and mango trees drop most of its leaves before recovering

From last two year I was getting trees from Jim (Ebay) , bit expensive but ship tree in pots , and then the survival rate was more then 80% for lychee and mango tree recover in no time with no min leave drop

But sadly he passed away this year and now I think her daughter take over the business and shipping tree out , already got two good size 7 gal mango tree and next week “ little gem” (3 gal ) on its way

Thinking about supporting them more from now on , very good service and very response

Pls PM me for contact info
Tropical Fruit Discussion / How big does a Golden Glow mango tree grow?
« Last post by Clayton on Today at 02:27:32 PM »
I just planted a Golden Glow mango tree in my small back yard and was wondering if anyone know how big it grows. On "Plant it Hawaii" they say its a medium size tree? To me that means 15 feet, not sure.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Cinnamomum ID question
« Last post by polux on Today at 02:27:21 PM »
This is my plant, does it look like Ceylon Cinnamon?

It look like real C. zeylanicum - leaves are more elongated not round like leaves at first pictures.
Cold Hardy Citrus / Does rootstock hasten fruit ripening in citrus?
« Last post by lavender87 on Today at 02:25:27 PM »

  I read some info online about grape rootstock affecting rate of ripening. I hope it also occurs in citrus.
i just pruned a regular red guava, o psidium acutangulum ,
and also Surinam cherry about a month ago
all 3 are flowering
 (the P acutangulum has not been holding fruit, but i think thats another matter)
can anyone tell me what this is ?
lost the tag, but i think it was from a trade, and it was supposed to be either purple forest guava
or, Myrcianthes pungens, but i dont see a "point" at the tips of the leaves ?
i only got 2 fruit so far, and they both went from green, straight to purple, no red coloring.
seeds (only 3 in each fruit) seem to be larger than regular guava, or strawberry guava.
it did have a sweet, very nice flavor.

I’ve been mia from TFF for a while and came back with an in inbox full of request for crystal seedless guava and sak ip longan scions. I just came back from my rental property and trimmed a few sticks.

Anyone want please pm me. I apologize for not replying to everyone individually.

Minimum scion order is $20

Crystal seedless guava $5 ea
SAK IP longan $7 ea
Sri Chompoo $3 ea

USPS flat rate priority $7

PayPal is shenxue@

Please specify what you are paying for in the PayPal transaction
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Rambutan leaf edges turning brown
« Last post by shot on Today at 12:50:01 PM »
Ph is not good needs to be closer to 6
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