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Brazilian Pepper are also a major invasive, can be a sever irritant and cause issues to many who have allergies and asthma.  You should not be using them in a cultivated manner.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Gardening by the moon-phases
« Last post by TheGivingTree on Today at 06:18:24 PM »
@Satya - very well put and intelligent way to view the question in my opinion. What gets printed in scientific journals and what actually gets funding is completely different.

The act of observing certainly has an impact. I see this with employees, children, pets etc. I dont see why plants would be any different. Where attention goes, energy flows.

I'd be interested in seeing what happens if you plant two seedlings, one supervised by continuous camera footage, one without.
When my wife was a child her father gave her a Orange dwarf coconut palm. I would like to get one for her. I haven't had any luck finding any on the internet other than in Australia.
As a recent transplant from Arizona to Hawaii I miss living in a diverse whole native ecosystem that I imagine PR and CR have in abundance. What I donít miss, and think is worth the extra Hawaiian expense, are all the plants and critters with their spines, thorns, fangs and poison at the ready. Pushing through tall grass here without fear is surreal.

Sounds like you've never lived in the Puna rain forest jungle.
I've been bit by a 6" centipede while working in the yard, very painful and a few weeks to fully recover.
Agreed, not many more things to worry about around here, but I now always use caution when moving through any vegetation and never walk barefoot when outside.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Selecting papaya for dwarfism?
« Last post by MikeT on Today at 05:34:09 PM »
Yes I left out the part about rainfall distribution throughout the year. If 140 inches falls in the 3 month rainy season and only another 40 inches for the rest of the year papaya do great. Not so if there is 20 inches a month for seven months. Drainage is important and they do like good air circulation also rather than constant still conditions.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Selecting papaya for dwarfism?
« Last post by voyager on Today at 05:27:17 PM »
I was q bit sharp in my 1st post here.
The old lady and I had just had a few words, and I was primed.

But, that makes no difference.
My experiences still tell me that 180 in./yr of rainfall is way too much, except possibly in a monsoonal climate where there are still many months of sunny low rainfall periods that correspond with the growing ripening period.
I still stand by that view.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Taiwan new variety of guava: 珍翠芭樂
« Last post by MikeT on Today at 05:26:20 PM »
Taiwan has restrictions on allowing is good fruit trees out.Yeah the seedless lychees are causing a stir. I will get a marcotted one soon but may be a bit hot for it.
Where do you live in CA? I have a gold nugget and can give you cuttings for free by spring.
It looks like my favorite 'Milk' guava that I used to eat in my college years in Taiwan, but this one is bigger.
This variety translated 'Pearl Crunchy' guava. The milk guava is not very crunchy, but has enough chewiness and the meat kind of melting in your mouth.
I am thinking to visit Taiwan after the pandemic is over.
Anyone can suggest how I can bring plants back?
The other plant I want to bring here, is seedless lychee. It is not completely seedless, but the seed is the size of sunflower seed, and it is very fragrant and juicy.
I still have no idea if Taiwan will allow their precious improved varieties being brought overseas though.
Some great stuff there Maryoto especially in the Artocarpus and Nepheliums but some other winners as well. The Durio cross was described by friends as something really good. Smooth and especially ridged dulcis x zibethinus in Borneo seem to have some of my friends excited. The mangosteen is a bit pointed. Is is a bit sourer than usuaul with fewer seeds? It might not be mesta if you got it from Borneo especially if the fruit are very big.
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