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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mango art by a 14 year old Artist Thespian
« Last post by bovine421 on January 18, 2021, 09:14:29 PM »

I asked my daughter to paint me a mango tree.
Good luck on finding a Plinia Watermelon any time soon not on eBay. It is a new introduction and is highly sought after. Actually putting a posting looking for it on here probably wonít help in you finding it at a lower price because it just increased more people interested in that variety. Your best bet was to ask one of the eBay sellers if they will let you know when they do another auction and  hope less bidders notice it. I have been outbid countless times just means someone else wanted more than me or I should of put a higher bid right at the ending.
A lot of Jaboticaba INTA San Pedro, one of the best ones

And I will receive many Uvaia too, cheers
Your right , what was I thinking commenting on a forum.
How was shiloh to know you donít want to buy one on Ebay, I doubt he reads minds.
Your better off finding rare Jaboís or anything else by being nice.
Hot tip: most of the new rare or hard to find jaboís only end up on ebay. Good luck.
Can someone tell me of those cuttings which are easily rootable and which requires grafting?
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Jabo help
« Last post by IndigoEmu on January 18, 2021, 08:39:55 PM »
I had a deep well on my property when I moved in. After a couple years I had issues with certain
trees including jabos and I had my water checked and it was very high in salts. I had an abandoned shallow well
and switched. That has helped allot.

What root-pruning pots are you using, and how big are the jaboticabas in them? Also, what sort of mix do you use for them in containers? How often do you feed the epsoma and at what rate? Sorry for all the questions, after buying my first early last year Iím slowly building up my collection of jabos and Iím still figuring out what makes them tick, especially in regards to container culture. Iíve done considerable research on them over the past couple years but it always helps to know what specific routine different people follow for their own plants.

Rain water is definitely a necessity for me...I thought I could get away with a couple waterings of my high ph (8.0) irrigation water but it burned the leaf tips on a beautiful red just 3 weeks later. It also seems Iíve overestimated how much sun a young potted jaboticaba can tolerate as my 3 year old plant has exhibited some leaf-yellowing (not iron related it seems) over the summer in 6+ hours of sun. Itís still in a 3 gallon pot though, so I think itís also related to warm roots despite the fact I painted the pot white and tried to shade it. It grew from 1í to 3í in a year, which I suppose is pretty good growth despite it not always getting consistent water, a little too much sun, and only a few handfuls of compost throughout the entire time. Not quite sure if I should step up slowly to a 7 gallon, or to a 15 to give plenty of room for root growth?

Iím interested in the idea of keeping them in an air root pruning pot, since I donít think Iíve heard much of anyone else trying such with jaboticabas, but am a little wary of the idea for myself since Iíd figure theyíd need much more watering and these are already fairly thirsty plants. (And I have limited amount of rainwater storage)

Speaking of root-pruning, I was originally planning on using MicroKote (copper based paint for pot interiors which prunes root-tips) for such a purpose since Iíve had some experience using it on annuals i.e. tomatoes and other veggies, and have had very good luck. Iíd imagine a decently thick coating could last a good 4-5 years with a jaboticaba since their root systems arenít particularly aggressive compared to a 8í tall cherry tomato, and Iíve had a couple coated pots holding several of the latter for the past 2 years and the paint could probably still last another season. Iíll probably try it when I repot my biggest red.

No one mentioned soil ph yet, does soil ph matter for Jabo?  and could it be responsible for the observed symptoms?

Itís pretty darn established that jaboticabas like it acid, but some varieties are supposedly more sensitive than others. Iíd say a ph of 6.5 would be the minimum, (5.5-6.0 would likely be safer) any higher and sulfur or chelated iron would be needed to help prevent signs of iron chlorosis. Watering a couple times with my irrigation water bumped up the ph to 7.0 for my largest jabo and I got some chlorosis as well as tip-burn, but an iron drench and subsequent waterings with rain water fixed it pretty quickly.

Also note that tip-burn in jaboticabas (at least in most common cases with significant symptoms) seems to be due to an excess of mineral salts (calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, etc.) and not exclusive to high ph, though high ph water or soil is often so because of an abundance of specific salts. I donít see any major chlorosis in OPís plant though, so while the ph might be fine, the burn is probably due to salty well water as achetadomestica suggested.
Take the tour.
Andrew gives it at 10 or 11 am. He will tell you.
Not much this time of year some sapodillas and some persimmons and some bananas.
Your looking, he responded by offering.
Whatís the issue here, couldnít be more to the point.

Donít really know why  do you feel the need to put your two cents in but the whole idea of the post was not to bid on eBay. Heís not helping by posting an eBay auction helping wouldíve been offering to sell the plant outright with no bidding involved.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Red Jabo Budding Up Nicely!
« Last post by bovine421 on January 18, 2021, 08:17:10 PM »
That is a beautiful thing.  Congratulations :)
Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: kishu mandarin x poncirus?
« Last post by vnomonee on January 18, 2021, 08:15:57 PM »
Small update:

I ordered a Xie Shan satsuma in the fall. It was lost in the USPS mail hold up for a month so it arrived dead (moldy and rotting down to the root stock). I'll have a replacement in the spring along with a Meiwa Kumquat (always wanted one, they are said to be sweet versus tart variety sold in U.S supermarkets). I've also acquired a Poncirus+ from Kumin in the forums.

An another note, my nephews were eating kishu mandarins this week and I've told them if they ever find a seed to save it which they did. So now I have a lone seed that I've planted, whatever grows may be a hybrid if it didn't pollinate itself? 

I'm also learning to graft things. Have tried different techniques, so far bud grafts from scions have taken on two seedling rootstocks.
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