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Thanks Jeff, if it came back on yours, I'm gonna top work the 2 trees I have..
Any. Suggestions on what trees are most resistance to MBBS?
Pineislander is talking to Jim, so if there's material to be shared I expect he'll get it this year and be sending it out from next year's harvest. Though I wouldn't mind talking to Jim myself to see if he knows of additional sources for other varieties.

As for eBay, all the currently available bulbifera growers I've tried are selling theirs as medicinal, not edible, so there's nothing there.

I'm still waiting on a reply from YouTube's Plant Assasin, as well as a guy from India who blogged about seeing (and I think growing) three Asian cultivars (seemingly Suavior, judging from the prominent lenticels). I don't know if I'm expecting too much, considering the date of that post (2015), but I really hope he replies. Blog here. I'm considering contacting the Agricultural University mentioned in the blog post, but I'm not exactly sure how I'd go about it... That said, their variety is an improved Suavior developed by them, so I'd consider it important. I think I'll contact them sooner or later, though I'm not sure they'd be willing to ship to a random overseas grower.

I found out today that Rare Palm Seeds is selling D. bulbifera as a new item. After some trial and error figuring out the proper extensions, I called their office in Germany and confirmed that it is an edible Asian type. I combined it with Chachafruto / Basul (Erythrina edulis) to meet the 30 euro minimum and placed an order. Page link here, ordering link here.
WOW! That's great to know they have this two! Thank's!  ;D
KOR HERE yellow pulp wild lychee /  Xerospermum noronhianum   seed available  2.5 use / seed + 5 usd for shipping fee

taste sweet sour with unique aroma

wild durian endemic in south of Thailand durio mansonii  seed available @3 usd /seed  +8 usd shipping free . very big seed


Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Ichangquat other than 6-7-2
« Last post by maesy on Today at 03:35:38 AM »
Looks good. Is yours still in the pot?
wow... i'm feeling pretty lucky to have my 4 trees in the ground and growing well!   i should have seeds for sale in like 5 years..  hahahah  sit tight everyone.  hope these grow well in hawaii
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Rare, unusual Variegated fruit trees
« Last post by Bush2Beach on Today at 02:14:49 AM »
Wowza! Awesome!!
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Brutal heatwave 7/06/18 in Socal
« Last post by Bush2Beach on Today at 02:13:01 AM »
Desert Dreamer dropping serious knowledge far beyond heat wave talk.
Thank you. Please keep it up.
Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Wtb: clianthus
« Last post by AndrewAZ on Today at 02:01:14 AM »
I had purchased this New Zealand from Annie's perennials last fall and it did great.  However, roof rats over the winter killed it.  After a visit from a bobcat and 2 feral cats, I have not seen a rat in months.  So, I would like to try again, but, Annie's does not sell it anymore.  Anyone here sell this shrub?? Also known as parrot's beak and lobster claw.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Mulberry and Lychee recommendations.
« Last post by simon_grow on Today at 12:58:15 AM »
It depends where you are getting your trees from. As of several years ago, the Hak Ip people are growing in Florida is not what the Chinese call Hak Ip. Iíve lost pictures of the real Hak Ip on this site somewhere.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Mulberry and Lychee recommendations.
« Last post by boxturtle on Today at 12:47:47 AM »
surprised by now people still think they are the same....totally different growth habits, different color foilage, and different fruit size .

Hak Ip and Sweetheart are the same

Mauritius is a more Consistent bearer then the other varieties but the tree tends to grow a little larger

My three favorite varieties are sweetheart (aka hak ip, fay zee siu), emperor and kaimana

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