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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: WTB: Tonka Bean seeds
« on: February 15, 2020, 07:08:59 AM »
David Goodman aka "The Survival Gardener" has done videos on them. He got some somewhere. Maybe he could help you locate some.

Does it sucker off small plants at its base or anything?

That's good to know thanks for the info!

A couple more plants I'm looking for:

Wormwood(tried seeds many times without any success does anyone have a live plant available)
True lavender (have started from seed before but seedlings end up dying at a few inches tall. Anyone have a fairly established plant?)
Rhodiola (again seeds without luck several times. Once got a live dug up wild one from out west but it sadly died. Would like another go at one!)
Cat's Claw
Devil's claw
Real Damiana T. diffusa(should grow wild out west)

A few more plants to add to my find list:

Sweet Cicely aka Myrrhis odorata
Turkish Rocket
Fuki aka Petasites Japonicus
Glycyrrhiza Lepidota aka wild licorice
Glycyrrhiza glabra aka true licorice
Senna alexandria
Edible/nitrogen fixing locust trees(honey, black, etc)
Hops aka Humulus lupus

100 papalo seeds for $4 plus shipping. Ships via USPS first class package usually under $5 domestic but can ship internationally too.

This plant tastes a lot like cilantro and grows well in summer. Strong flavored!

Inquire via PM. Thanks!

I do have hoja Santo. Does pretty good here. Did freeze back when we got 25F not long ago. It'll return no doubt.

I know there's still tons of stuff not yet mentioned in this thread. Every time I think I've seen it all something pops up and you wonder how you missed that. Sometimes even a bunch of stuff on one site you haven't heard of before.

Another interesting species to obtain.

Acer saccarum var. floridanum aka A. barbatum
Acer saccarum "Caddo" might work here too

In a side note apparently these trees can be tapped for sap used in making syrups:
Silver maple
Black walnut

Some more edible perennials I'd like to find:

Good King Henry
Ostrich fern
Sea kale
Scarlet runner beans
Sorrel varieties

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Re: Duncan white grapefruit
« on: February 07, 2020, 09:35:16 AM »
Ya definitely. For a white grapefruit they are very nice and have the sweetness more like a red. On only one of my friends properties out of 7 or so locally there is probably 20-30 Duncan trees of several generations from seed. All trees have good fruit. Some trees have bigger fruits than others but good just the same. There's also on this same property 10-20 seed grown what he believes to be Valencia orange trees all of which produce good fruit other than one single tree. He said avoid the one tree when I go picking. Curious I tried one from that tree and no kidding the fruit wasn't at all good. However all other trees are good and in fact very good. Only difference I can visibly see is fruit size and rind thickness from tree to tree. Very interesting. He's got multiple other properties in the area with trees of the same gene pool that are just as good. The kumquats that are there are good too. Two distinct types one being tartish inside with sweet skin and oval shape. The others are round with sweet skin and insides. He's a huge bee keeper in the area with a multi generation family business specializing in tupelo honey. L. L. Lanier and sons is the business name if anyone wants good tupelo honey. They do ship.

 Has anybody thought of anything else to add to my hunt it down list? I'm ready to grow!

On another note does anyone have any of the edible fruit viburnum species? Or the ones that the leaves are used for teas?

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Re: Duncan white grapefruit
« on: February 05, 2020, 02:28:08 PM »
Went and picked bunches of fresh fruits of both the grapefruit and oranges. Inquire via PM if interested. Would figure since all the parent trees do stellar on their own natural roots these could be used as a good rootstock. Should be hard soil and somewhat flood resistant. Many of the trees are growing where it can flood for significant periods of time and they apparently don't bat an eye at that whatsoever.

Temperate Fruit Buy, Sell, & Trade / Apple and pear scions for FL panhandle
« on: February 02, 2020, 09:17:40 AM »
I have two branches on an apple tree I want to attempt grafting onto here shortly before active growth begins in spring. Definitely want varieties that will do well here in the FL panhandle zone 8b-ish. I have a grafted Anna so good there provided it keeps living on. Wouldn't mind getting golden dorsett or joy to graft to the ready rootstock I have. Very, very open to other varieties for here too just make offers. Want to put a different type on each branch. Hoping for success with both obviously.

I also have a large unproductive pear tree. It was on the property before I lived there and have no idea what type it might be. Got like two pears last year off it...they are good and not grainy or anything. It probably needs a pollinator. Many areas could be grafted on it as it's rather large. Looking to put good types for the area on that tree too. Maybe varieties like keffier or pineapple would be good but please suggest others.

Also have tons of Chickasaw plum I can graft on. Any good improved types for here are welcome. I do know peach and nectarine can be grafted on that as well. Please make offers of varities for here. The Chickasaw plum in the yard is not bad at all and in fact is of good quality and fair size on its own if anyone wants to trade for suckers etc. Also have wild flat woods plum seedlings available for sale/trade too. Also lots of pre-stratified American persimmon seeds too.

Thanks! DG

Tried artichokes last year. Grew well at first but declined and died over time. Gonna try again though. Cardoon would be cool too. Tried rhubarb last year and it did fairly well but a freak rain event flooded the area they were in for days and rotted them out. Usually that area would not flood too it was just so much rain so fast.

The asparagus I planted did well and is still going fortunately though kinda dormant right now. They flooded too but it didn't effect them much at all. Hopefully in spring I'll actually get spears. This would be their second season.

Selling the smaller tubers at 5 for $1. Minimum order of $3 or 15 tubers plus shipping. Ships USPS first class package usually for under $5 cost to most places domestic. Will send international which will likely be up to $15. Will calculate shipping for each individual depending on their location. Always up to trade as well.


Definitely looking to add good edible cultivars of Dahlia and hostas if anyone can help out with that. Of coarse trade or pay. Also finally got the tawny orange day lily that's edible but would like any other confirmed edible types like the yellow ones from Asia. Also any good edibility forms of tiger lily would be awesome too! Definitely want quality edible types that taste at least decent or good. Anyone out there with this stuff?

Would definitely love to try oca tubers and tuberous nasturtium too!

How cold hardy do you think this fruit tree is on its own not used as a rootstock?

Definitely interested in the ashitaba plant. Looks pretty awesome for sure. I like invasive stuff that's edible. Can't complain about over abundance of food!

I'll have to look into cherry of the Rio grand. Is that also called grumuchama(SP?)?

Botanicus I'd plant a few of those Araucaria angustifolia on my land if you have a few to spare. Are the nuts like the size of store pine nuts? Planning to eventually find bunya bunya and monkey puzzle trees too. Whether or not I ever get to eat any is beside the point. Cool rare trees in need of preservation nonetheless. Hopefully if I only plant 2-3 of each I can get both a male and female to produce when they finally flower.

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Re: Ginger lime seeds
« on: January 22, 2020, 07:53:54 AM »
Very cool plant too bad I'm on FL or I'd hit you up. Either way anyone in FL with this citrus I'd surely like a go at this plant!

I have lots of spare land to plant some stuff that may take long to produce. Got three acres total but aren't growing yet on most of it. Right side is mostly fruiting trees and bushes. Middle mostly veggies and herbs closer to house. Front is fruits and other useful trees. Far left is mostly uncleared scrubland and nothing yet intentional.

Anything else anyone can think of? Seems no matter how hard you search and think you've seen it all that when you least expect it something pops up that is super cool that you can't figure out how you hadn't seen it yet.

That's a real investment in the future lol.

Anyone grow vine peach? Is it worth growing taste and production wise?

That's a very cool looking tree for sure. Have you ever tried the seeds as a nut? Wondering if they are as good as commercial pine nuts.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Iboga plant
« on: January 16, 2020, 07:20:17 AM »
Is it a long pod or round pod type?

Yes! These are the kinda plants I'm trying to find. Great suggestions people! Please by all means keep it up!

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