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Have bunches of already stratified American persimmon seeds and freshly ripen Chickasaw plum seeds not yet stratified for sale/trade.

5 persimmon seeds $2.50 minimum of 10 seeds per order unless ordered with plum seeds too
5 Chickasaw plum seeds $2 minimum of 10 seeds or purchase with persimmon too.
Plus shipping unless trading

Ships USPS first class package usually less than $5 to anywhere in USA.

PM for details

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Seeking Vanilla Orchid Vine
« on: April 19, 2020, 09:50:14 AM »
No flowers on mine yet. When I lived down on Sarasota my neighbor had a very large one growing that flowered a lot. She hand pollinated during the right hours etc but never could get pods to set. One year she draped some purple colored fabric by the trellis it was growing on and all of a sudden something started to pollinate the vine and pods started setting on their own. Perhaps the purple lured whatever insect close enough to get it to pollinate the vanilla flowers. Figure that is at least an idea to try when the time comes.

Know we already figured out everything via PM and your order is shipping today. For others to know I can make proper invoices via PayPal or I can direct you to my eBay or Etsy stores to purchase. Thanks for any patronage!

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Seeking Vanilla Orchid Vine
« on: April 17, 2020, 08:34:31 AM »
Can't remember which member I bought a cutting from several months ago. Should be another thread somewhere about vanilla in which I made a post after receiving my very nice cutting from whomever it was. Totally recommend that member. Was a beautiful large healthy cutting that rooted nicely.

I have bok choy and michihilu seeds

Try the forum. It is native out west and I figure someone out there could find it if they haven't already. I have wanted this plant along time too. Such a pleasant tea and has great light euphoric effects.

Thank you too sir! Much appreciated shout out!

I have watched the Pete Kanaris videos! Very cool seeing how grafting is done. I've tried like 4-5 times without success. In theory I understand how but just didn't work out due to probably a few factors.

Thanks for the info!

Plants are awakening for the year and are again available.

Thanks man for the shout out! I try to perform good. Couldn't get all the Kratom tree requests for rooted cuttings done last season. Cuttings just are stubborn sometimes with them. Also once Rodney S wanted some rooted katuk cuttings that I ended up not being able to root for him. Legitimately tried and it isn't a hard plant to root usually. It was just the winter season and they wouldn't root up. He got mad I'd figure and won't sell or trade me now unfortunately. Sorry for that issue Rodney S if you see this. Just a circumstantial situation nothing more. Sucks as I've seen things I'd buy or trade you for but I can't fix how you must of felt about that. All I can say is I did try for you whether or not you believe that. Didn't even have to mention that openly on the forum but did because I'm legitimate in my dealings and as transparent as glass. I'm not afraid to take criticism if I mess up. In fact welcome it if it's also legitimate. Please by all means ANYONE call me out if you have/had a bad experience with a transaction we me and let's address it publicly for all eyes to see. As far as I know however there is no other transaction issues I've had. Hopefully Rodney S we can move forward and perhaps do business if necessary. One crappy incident isn't necessarily always a condemnation. Didn't take money from you or anything only promised to get some cuttings rooted for you in which I couldn't make happen. 50F temps wasn't helping with that species either. My bad though and no one else's. No hard feelings on my end.

Anyone out there with suggestions on zone 8-9a ish varieties not yet awoke for the season with scions? My pear is awoke so is it too late to graft it? Apple tree still sleeping. Also stuff that might be compatible with Chickasaw plum.

Also loquat varieties that might flower more toward spring or just good large fruit types. Gonna hit up one member that's got "big Jim" but have many available branches on my loquat for others.


Just a quick question as to the buddy tape versus any old grafting tape or film you can buy on say eBay for a few dollars a roll. Is this buddy tape really super superior to this other easily available commercial tapes? If so in what regards? As a guy wanting to get into grafting seriously in the near future I'd like the low down! $30 bucks a roll is awfully pricey but if it's that great I'm OK with paying for quality.


Thanks for the recommendation! Sounds like an interesting species. Always down to try anything. Not worried about seediness at all. I prefer things that reliably produce over absolute quality. It's nice to fund plants of both quality and production but isn't a big deal here.

Anyone got sherbet berry growing that's available?

On a side note local silver thorn bushes are in heavy fruit. They really aren't bad at all. Mild sweet with otherwise pleasant flavor. More seed than fruit but they do have a fair amount of meat to them. Anyone wants some let me know. Probably a good graft stock for autumn olive and goumi etc.

More species for the find list:

Salad burnet
Oyster leaf

I believe I read they readily cross too.

Will the che fruit root from cuttings? Or do you have rooted plants? Also the Chestnut? Don't have any plants of those to graft onto. Interested in jujubes too.

Do you have Carlos muscadine rooted? I know I could root that from cuttings if they haven't woke up yet. Definitely interested in that.

Hit me up via PM if you like with details.


More to add to the find it list:

Passiflora caerula
Sweet potato varieties
Different colored oca(just fit a reddish colored one from a member. Very excited to grow it!) Would like blue and green etc if anyone has any
Easy flowering carrots for the deep south
Queen Anne's lace
Tuberous pea
The blue and green and white turmeric
Blue and green ginger types

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: WTB: Tonka Bean seeds
« on: February 15, 2020, 07:08:59 AM »
David Goodman aka "The Survival Gardener" has done videos on them. He got some somewhere. Maybe he could help you locate some.

Does it sucker off small plants at its base or anything?

That's good to know thanks for the info!

A couple more plants I'm looking for:

Wormwood(tried seeds many times without any success does anyone have a live plant available)
True lavender (have started from seed before but seedlings end up dying at a few inches tall. Anyone have a fairly established plant?)
Rhodiola (again seeds without luck several times. Once got a live dug up wild one from out west but it sadly died. Would like another go at one!)
Cat's Claw
Devil's claw
Real Damiana T. diffusa(should grow wild out west)

A few more plants to add to my find list:

Sweet Cicely aka Myrrhis odorata
Turkish Rocket
Fuki aka Petasites Japonicus
Glycyrrhiza Lepidota aka wild licorice
Glycyrrhiza glabra aka true licorice
Senna alexandria
Edible/nitrogen fixing locust trees(honey, black, etc)
Hops aka Humulus lupus

100 papalo seeds for $4 plus shipping. Ships via USPS first class package usually under $5 domestic but can ship internationally too.

This plant tastes a lot like cilantro and grows well in summer. Strong flavored!

Inquire via PM. Thanks!

I do have hoja Santo. Does pretty good here. Did freeze back when we got 25F not long ago. It'll return no doubt.

I know there's still tons of stuff not yet mentioned in this thread. Every time I think I've seen it all something pops up and you wonder how you missed that. Sometimes even a bunch of stuff on one site you haven't heard of before.

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