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Funny citrus stories
« on: June 01, 2014, 02:57:43 PM »
I posted this in another forum and thought it would be appreciated here too:

These are all true stories that happened to me!

Twenty odd years ago I had two ruby red grape fruit and on a visit from my in-laws my Father in law woke every morning to eat one, he loved them. It was late in the season and he pulled me aside one morning and said (soto voce) "I wanted to let you know that you have big white worms in some of your grapefruit.  I showed him that the "worms" were actually seeds that had sprouted inside the fruit :-)

A dozen or more years ago on a trip to New York I went into a real nice nursery and they had a good selection of orange and other citrus trees. This is back when Floridians had to declare / register their orange trees with the State of Florida dept of Ag so they could be inspected for Med fly and citrus canker infestation.

I asked the nursery owner about the registration process and when he said there were none I chuckled. He must have thought me daft and asked what was funny about that?

I told him how weird it was that in New York they had to register their guns and NOT their orange trees and in Florida we had to register our orange trees but NOT our guns...

That dude had no sense of humor :-)

Later that summer the Dept of Ag came to inspect my two ruby red grapefruit trees and I told them "you can't do that" to which they said, "sir we are with the dept of ag and WILL see your trees now!"

And I said "I don't care if you were with the CDC you're NOT going to see my trees"

Well the senior of the two guys got red in the face and said... "Sir if I have to get a warrant to see those trees I WILL"

And I said..." Get all the warrants you want, you will NEVER get to see those trees"

Exasperated he asked, "Why won't you let me see those trees?"

I told him that the two trees had their roots hit the salt ground water (I lived on a coastal island) and they died due to this  and were removed last year"!!!

Boy was he ticked off at me :-)
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