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Gevuina Avellana ( Chilean Hazelnut)

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Hello, does anyone coltivate Gevuina Avellana? I read that the fruits have similar taste of Macadamia but the tree is more cold hardier than Macadamia. The fruits when are ripe becomes black. The tree is native to Chile and is cold hardy about -12 C .  The flowers are bisexual and they are flowering in december. The tree can grow up to 20m.

Very interesting! https://zoom50.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/avellano-chileno-chilean-hazel-gevuina-avellana-2/

Can set fruits If I plant only 1 tree? Here is a nursery that sells the tree http://www.achat-vente-palmiers.com/en/trees-and-shrubs/1867-gevuina-avellana.html#.WLNEutKE3Q0

5 y ago I have small plants in pot but no one survive. They are difficult for growing in containers, may be we have hot summers here. Some plants from Proteaceae family need specific soil composition. With Macadamia I have no problems.

These dont like alot of summer heat, they tend to stress.


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