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Author Topic: African nightshade (Nastergal, S. retroflexum) and Mondia whitei seed to swop  (Read 265 times)


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Hi guys

I have billions of Solanum retroflexum (African Nightshade or Nastergal) seed available. This is a traditional fruit and leaf vegetable not unlike black nightshade (S. nigrum) or Garden Huckleberry (Solanum melanocerasum) but indigenous to Southern Africa. Tasty and very easy to grow.

I also have somewhat less seed of Mondia whitei, African Ginseng. This is a fast growing creeper or liane with a spice like bark and root (taste is like gingery vanilla, I use it to flavor vodka, make gin and in cooking) and edible leaves. This is critically endangered and you wont find it for sale easily if at all. It also has a host of medicinal uses.

Im looking to trade for seed. Send me an email and we can chat.


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