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Author Topic: Pineapple growers - watch your bottoms - what to do for mealy bugs?  (Read 981 times)


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I was trying to stake up a leaning pineapple for a few more days of on-the-plant ripening. It still had some green and did not smell.  I pushed a stake in the ground and tilted it back up and found a mess down below.  Mealybugs and fire ants had eaten out a section.  After I was done fuming, thinking it was never going to ripen without rotting, I took it inside and cut off the bottom. I was greeted by a wonderful aroma so I cut up the rest.  Even though it still felt hard and did not smell from the outside, I have only had one pineapple better that I grew myself around three years ago. 

That brings me to the question.  I have around a dozen other pineapples in various stages of growth.  I was not able to look because it got dark but I am sure others probably have the same infestation, hopefully at an earlier stage.   What remedies are you guys using for this?


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