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Author Topic: Information and discussion on Mango rootstocks  (Read 6853 times)

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Re: Information and discussion on Mango rootstocks
« Reply #25 on: June 13, 2017, 12:03:08 PM »
In french, google can tanslate it:

Viveros Blanco is a Spanish company here in Malaga, great professionals with a long experience in subtropicals. They have the site in English too:

And here they describe some problems with rootstock criollo:

IMO Gomera 3, 13/1 and Banilejo are interesting options for SoCal, since you share with us same climate and soil conditions. Besides the last two are moderate or little vigorous and in the case of 13/1 is almost a dwarfing rootstock, what make them even more appropriate for backyard. I gonna call them this week and see if I can get one 13/1 and one Banilejo to experiment with them (Gomera 3 is the usual rootstock here).

Hi Jose
I have tried many times to contact them but never got an answer
Do you know if they still sell  to the public?
In the home page
they write:
"We export plants anywhere in the world. Our latest exports have been to Morocco, Lebanon, Portugal, Greece and Italy."
Hi! They only sell big quantities... big?

They work just with professional plantations, so they wouldn't answer emails from particulars, but they would tell you by phone what they have in stock and they will sell to any particular that goes in person to their facilities in Vélez-Málaga. I bought just 2 weeks ago 1 mango, 1 lúcuma La Molina and 1 litchi. They would give you all the info regarding plantation and watering for the first year along with sanitary passport of the plants. But just if you go in person, they do not serve by post any plant to particulars. What are you interested in? Right now they don't have sapodilla, canistel nor white sapote. They don't sell rootstocks, so if you are interested in Gomera 3, 13.1 or others better to try others in Vélez-Málaga.
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