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Re: Mango tree fertilizer
« Reply #50 on: September 20, 2017, 10:25:56 AM »

Thanks!  Planting green manure crops specifically selected for your area and soil and laying off the high P foods really helps your plant material.  Going only on blind faith and an ad, I also innoculated thousands of trees, grapevines, berries, etc. with MycoApply Soluble Maxx at the time of planting.  For instance, when planting grapevines which come in bound bundles of 25 I'd mix in about 2 tsp. of the mychorrzial stuff into about 2 gals. of water, 5 gal. paint type bucket.  Drop the bundles of vines in and then plant in already prepared holes.

Like I said, I wanted to break up hard pan and a nasty heavy clay loam so I spent months researching those crops that would act as "biological soil plows".  Those would be clover, lupines, turnips or other invasive root crops like daikon radishes.


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