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Author Topic: Psidium ID (angulatum, Acutangulum ?)  (Read 534 times)


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Psidium ID (angulatum, Acutangulum ?)
« on: August 27, 2017, 04:56:58 PM »
So i am a bit confused.

if i remember right, i got seeds from here...

and the leaves DO look similar
the problem is, i cant find any authority that can confirm this
often, i search for this plant, and the leaves look just like regular guava leaves.

Once or twice, i found a site showing similar leaves
but the plant was named "Angulatum", not " Acutangulum "

If someone can ID the pics of my plant
at bottom
i would appreciate it

I will leave a few links i found searching
none of which really have helped much...


if you search for Psidium  Acutangulum website snames  Psidium acutangulum

EOL lists acutangulum, but as  Psidium persoonii

Global Biodiversity Information Facility - says this...
Accepted Name:  Psidium acutangulum Mart. ex DC.
Synonym =Psidium persoonii McVaugh

Psidium Angulatum

The  PLant list, lists   Acutangulum , but not Angulatum

as does "The Ferns"

But... Wiki Species lists Angulatum, but not Acutangulum

My plant...


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