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Author Topic: The Mystery of the “Himsagar” mango in Florida. Also, EBAY MANGO FRAUD EXPOSED!  (Read 6800 times)


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Seems like same Ebay seller is back with Pakistani mango varieties

Is it still old scam or this time able to secure right budwood ?

Beware, there is no cultivar called Chuansa or Anwar Ratol in Pakistan. If he really know what he is doing, he will write the correct name of the cultivar. I mean there is three types of Chaunsa in Pakistan, Kala (black), Safuid(white) and SamarBashit Chaunsa. As for Anwar Ratol,it is the same story, it is not a single cultivar.

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I am glad this post exists. I was looking at FFF old item on ebay and I
pressed similar items thinking I might see some other  rare jabos. Instead guavakings
ad came up for Chuansa mango. I looked at his other items for sale and noticed
all of them say the world's best mango? I sent him a reply and asked how 5 different
mangos are all listed as the best? Only one can be the best right? I also asked him if
he sells scions? He replied and said no to scions and some BS about the best mango and
left me an option to make an offer?  I also asked him which Indian mango would do the
best in Florida and he said Florida is the only place in the US you can grow mangos.
ANYWAY thanks guys for the heads up Guavaking is still taking offers


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Yep!  Same Fraud!  Don’t do business with this ah!


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darn! I wish I read this before I placed the order. I sent him email to cancel, he shipped it the next day! But I still can call my credit card to dispute this transaction based on fraud / false advertisement.
Good thing I used chase CC, the best customer service ever.


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Hard to believe you folks who wasted money and years on this guy didn't run him out of town yet.


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