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Author Topic: a couple of plants back from 20F  (Read 511 times)


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a couple of plants back from 20F
« on: May 12, 2018, 03:10:04 PM »
New Orleans had a once in 100yrs record breakinhg cold snap in January this year.

its taken a while to find out what is actually coming back and what is not.

it was so cold, Cattley Guavas died to the ground.

First... what was not affected at all...
Feijoa, CORG, Jujube, mulberry(red-wild), Pakistani Mulberry (grafted)
Loquat, muscadine...
(did not lose 1 leaf from the CORG)

What was not protected, yet, came back anyway....
tropical guavas in ground and in containers (lost 1 small one, at least 10 came back)
sugar cane...
Dwarf Namwah banana.
Myers Lemon (lost medium bracnches, but looking healthy now)
Blood orange (died back to graft)
finger lime from seed... container on driveway, no damage
(the cement driveway, may have kept some plants in containers a few degrees warmer?)

mango -
1 protected, grafted (1yr old) died.
1 in-ground 4yrs old - died.
1 7gal container, 2 yrs, coming back from roots.

white sapot - died to roots, coming back.
Longan - in-ground (1yr) dead.
Baobob (5yr old) dead.
Lychee - 3yrs container... coming back from roots
Parmentiera cereifera (candle tree) - back from roots
West Indian Arrowroot -back from roots
Katuk - lost 2 plants... 1 coming back from roots (planted near house)
plectranthus esculentus (African potato mint) - back from roots, unharmed.
neem (1gal container) back from roots.

1 container, back from roots
one in-ground , back from roots.


Inga in container, not protected, coming back from roots
(unknown cvariety)
Inga in-ground - semi-protected - died back to roots

Indian Jujube 2yr old in container - dead.
Indian Jujube 1yr old, in ground - coming back from roots.


Moringa - in-ground, unprotected.

died back to roots. (lost 1, 1 came back)
i think the reason it did come back, is the roots were intertwined with fig and elaeagnus

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