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Mango ID help
« on: June 01, 2018, 04:18:27 PM »
I was wondering if someone can help in ID’ing his mango.
It was given to me buy a friend.  She informed me that it came from a tree grown from seed.  The mango came from Mexico and that it is called: mango barranca in Mexico.
I asked her if it was another known Mexican mango they call corriente and she said that it wasn’t.
I then told her that it looks like Manila or Ataulfo.  She said it was neither.
The taste was a mellow taste.  Not to sweet and had no tartness to it.  Kind if fibrous.
And it was a small mango.  The seed was almost as big as the mango.
Here are a pair of pictures of the mango, and several of the poly embryonic seed...
As you can see from pictures 5 and 12,  the seed is small,  ids say 2”


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