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Author Topic: Has Anyone Successfuly Grown Hardy Kiwi in coastal Southern California?  (Read 433 times)


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Hello everyone!

First post here. It looks like I will be moving from the Seattle area to coastal southern California. The new hardiness zone is 10b. I am a little depressed because I am leaving behind my hardy kiwis which are on their second year. I will never see them fruit. I wanted to see if anyone in coastal southern Cali has been successful in growing hardy kiwi in that area? I know you can grow some normal fuzzy kiwis, but they are not quite as fun ;)


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I'm not sure why anyone would want to grow hardy kiwis in Southern California when you can grow better tasting regular kiwis.

That said, I think it is likely they can probably grow.

But keep in mind all kiwis can have a lot of difficultly growing in hot dry conditions. You might want to plant in partial shade, in a spot where the wind is less likely to blow away all the humidity, and keep it consistently watered. Southern California has a different heat level than the climate that you're used to, and you will likely have to adjust everything you know and adopt different gardening practices.
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@SoCal2warm not sure why you'd slander Hardy Kiwi that way, they're infintely better tasting than bland, watered down regular kiwis.


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