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Author Topic: African Seed Information/Help(Junglesop, Shea Butter, Cola,etc)  (Read 312 times)


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Hello I received a lot of seeds recently from Cameroon through Forest House Cameroon, who I highly recommend. They all came individually packed in soil with a lot of seeds already sprouting, with extra seeds included. I would suggest you get EMS shipping since it can take a while getting the regular option.

Here is the list of seeds I got:
Trichoscypha acuminata
Napoleonaea egertoni
Vitellaria paradoxa
Drypetes molunduana
Carapa oreophila
Treculia obovoidea
 Thaumatococcus danielli
 Tetrapleura tetraptera
Telfairia occidentalis
Ricinodendron heudelotii 
Prunus africana
Pouteria edulis
Piper guineensis
Omphalocarpum procerum
Myrianthus arboreus
Monodora angolensis
 Massularia acuminata
 Mammea africana
Maesobotrya barteri
Lavigera macrocarpa 
Irvingia wombolu
Gnetum buchholzianum 
Gnetum africanum
Garcinia cola
Garcinia xanthochymus
 Dacryodes edulis
Dacryodes edulis (giant safou)
Dennettia tripetala
Coula edulis
Cola suboppositifolia
Cola pachycarpa
Cola cauliflora
Cola accuminata
 Borasius palm
Annonidium mannii
Annona stenophylla
Annona senegalensis
Annickia chlorantha
Afrostyrax kamerunensis
Aframomum sp
Aframomum melegueta(hot as pepper)
 Aframomum sp - sweet

 I was wondering if anyone had germination suggestions for them, since not all of them came germinated and I wanna make sure I do it correctly. Also I would be interested if anyone could ID some of them, a decent amount I couldn't find any information online besides photos of the fruit, which got me interested in buying them. The junglesop, shea butter, and a few others I know but the rest are the ones I am having trouble with. Any help is appreciated



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Re: African Seed Information/Help(Junglesop, Shea Butter, Cola,etc)
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2018, 04:10:32 PM »
Wow thats quite the list. My wife would kill me if i ordered this much stuff at once. I'm not sure how much is included in here from your list but this is a decent resource from the library section of the website on fruit from Edible Wild plants of Tanzania.

Good Luck!


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