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Author Topic: Xie Shan in a pot?  (Read 685 times)


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Xie Shan in a pot?
« on: August 07, 2018, 12:02:43 PM »

Xie Shan in a pot?

Howdy all,

I've got a gallon XS on Flying Dragon. I intended on planting it (in-ground) in my greenhouse. I just got a 3 gallon Hirado Buntan (on FD) I couldn't resist from Harris, a beautiful tree. I have space to plant one more tree, anything else will have to remain in pots. I'm now leaning toward putting the HB in the ground and keeping XS potted.
Here's my dilemma: Although I've never tasted it, XS is supposed to be the finest, earliest satsuma. My experience with mandarins (I have 3 in-ground) is that they take several years to produce good or even just edible fruit. And I've read that XS is supposed to take longer to flavor up than most. If XS takes a long time in the ground will it ever taste great when grown in a pot?
So.....if you grow XS:
What rootstock is it on?
How long have grown it?
What size pot do you have it in now?
What potting medium?
What's your temperature range?
And most important of all, does yours taste great?
Steve H
SW WI, USDA zone 3~4
Greenhouse is a zone 10, but cool in winter


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Re: Xie Shan in a pot?
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2018, 02:40:13 PM »
I have two Xie Shan satsumas, both grafted on Flying Dragon. The oldest of the two is approximately 6 years old. It is a container tree growing in a 15-gallon container. The medium is Miracle Grow Garden Soil mixed with large sized perlite. The fruit matures in late September, and has always tasted rather good from the first fruiting, however each year the taste improves. Xie Shan, even in the ground never gets to what one would call a large tree, but as a container plant grafted on FD it will always be a quite small tree.


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