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Silly Nursery Questions
« on: November 05, 2018, 12:51:15 PM »

On the old forum I asked many questions on nursery practices, learned a lot from you and grew many healthy trees in the nursery.

After almost 10 years, I decided to quit my animation business gradually and be a full time nursery man in 2 years. Yahoo!!!

I am reading my old notes, read new material and watch videos. Because I have limited budget for this new business for the first 2 years I need to find new approaches mixing the best, proven solutions like rootmaker trays, Slow release fertilizers, air pruning containers etc. AND current common local approaches like using polypropylene bags, open air growing etc.
I will slowly improve all of my equipments and technics with the income of first 2 years.

Meanwhile, I hope I can get help from you to plan the best possible.

First question, I was watching a youtube video and saw satsumas on carrizo. I saw these trees in attached photos.
I thought it will be impossible to bud them as they are crowded as this but at the same time the narrator told ; "Budded on may 17 and planted on these containers June 2nd."
So they were budded not in the final container but previous smaller one. Is this common?

Also do those trees get enough LIGHT as crowded as they are? I always try to leave enough space for tress to get enough light in the nursery.

Though the roots are perfect, well done  ;)

Thank you.

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