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Author Topic: Bud Grafting B flower type avocadoes to A flower type avocadoes for more fruits.  (Read 440 times)


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I did a quick search on this topic and may be I used the wrong key words to search it here but I was wondering if any of you had done bud grafting two different flower type avocado trees to promote fruit production. I have Lula and Brodgon  avocado trees and my Lula has some nice swelling buds that I would like to graft to the Brodgon. Has anyone seen a positive result for this? What are the negatives? It is recommended to plant different flower type avocados to encourage pollination of the fruits. Thanks!
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If you already have the 2 trees near ech other theres not much point.  If they are blooming at the same time, the bees will take of things.
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I appreciate the comment “if” they bloom at the same time. So many people say if u have an a and a b then it will be better but have a Mexican, Guatemala, and or West Indies type the bloom at different times. I have a large nursery by me with a good variety but you can’t match up 2breeds (A and B) that are “ supposed” to flower within a month of 1 another


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