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Author Topic: Looking for Finger Limes.. or at least some INFO about the unique citrus  (Read 157 times)


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Subject says it all.

Finger Limes.. the same image we see over and over.. elongated limes with disconnected vesicles. Like a hollow Citrus Shell full of Tart Beads.

Whats the skinny?  Where are they?  How do you grow them?  Do you have any?

Thanks guys. 


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I don't know much about them but I'd assume they aren't too different from other citrus. I always see them at my local nursery and even at the big box stores every now and then. I've been looking for the red finger limes, hopefully the ccpp gets some budwood in the near future.


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Whats the skinny?  I don' understand the question. The skin is thin and prone to damage and Citrus splitting. They split in a very unique way. Like a whipped cream spray can.
Where are they?  garden centers, and Australia
How do you grow them?  Pretty much like a lemon, but avoid hot sun the first years. Is prone to die-back by Phoma
Do you have any? yup, small diamond shaped leaves, fruits like small pickless, pink small flowers, dense foliage and very thorny bush
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They are pretty easy to grow, require less fertilizer than most citrus.
They are a fantastic garnish for Oysters, grilled fish, tacos. And great for cocktails. If you squeeze the balls into a bubbly drink like champagne or a beer they float up and down.


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