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recalcitrant seeds
« on: May 20, 2019, 02:15:50 PM »
most people who send tropical seeds routinely send them packed in some kind of damp medium.  they often germinate in transit and if all is well they arrive alive and well.  certainly this is usually the best way to do it.   but i have found that many tropical seeds which people consider recalcitrant can in fact be dried and stored.  here is a list of some of the seeds i have dried and stored for at least 2 months, in each case more than once, with good germination afterwards-
jakfruit, champedak, marang, pedalai
salacca affinis, wallichiana
baccaurea spp.
inga edulis
annona spp.
eugenia spp.
american garcinia spp.
some asian garcinia spp.
litsea garciae

being able to send and receive dried instead of germinating seeds is a big advantage to me.  because of the mail service here, my outgoing packages typically take 1-2 months to arrive, incoming 1-3 months.  germinated seeds usually die after that long in transit.


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