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Author Topic: Looking for Finger Limes, Dooja type Limes, Buddha's Hand & Rare citrus family.  (Read 148 times)

Jabba The Hutt

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I am trying to find colored varieties of Finger Limes and am having trouble finding any other than seeds from outside US.

Also extremely interested in finding Dooja type Limes, anything that has that caviar/citrus pearl pulp.

Wanting to find a Buddha's Hand as well.

Any other rare citrus I'm interested in as well so please let me know what you have. Don't be shy! I mean anything you can even think of, I might be interested in.

Thank you!


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I have looked all over the net for finger limes and most of the lower priced green ones are sold out. There are no colored ones that I could locate in the USA. If any one knows of a seller please post.
Jabba if would like a blood lime Logee has them
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