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Author Topic: Some figs and a banana free if you come dig them up space coast FL  (Read 259 times)


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Iím shedding the ones that werenít the low maintenance or shape or type of fruit I wanted. I have several I want gone. For sure an LSU purple that could honestly be turned into a few trees due to it sprouting from the ground far enough apart you could probably cut it on into separate trees with roots. The Nero 600m is most likely spoken for. A Celeste/TN mountain. Probably want the desert king gone as well and maybe one more I just am not sure about yet. You will need to dig them up and I will not dig and ship. I do have shovels and I will help. I would appreciate a small donation so I can buy some soil/ black cow for what will replace them but if not I wonít complain much either. Trees are all 3-4 feet tall and were started as cuttings in March of 2018. I also have a Brazilian red banana that I would like dug up and taken away also. If possible I would love to trade for a pup from any banana variety I donít have preferably something that makes full size bananas as all mine are minis except for one.


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