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Edgar Parentage
« on: October 02, 2019, 06:50:58 AM »
Right around the 13:00 mark.

Can anyone in the know confirm that Edgar is actually a Zill 80 seedling?

I'm curious about the resin flavor towards the skin.
Is it similar to the flavor Kent gives off when overripe?
I'm really interested in this flavor when it coincides with peak brix, like it did in one sample of 36-8 I tried. By the time Kent gives off this flavor the brix has already fallen too far, so it is seen as an 'off flavor', but in the 36-8 sample, there was enough sweetness to make it very appealing, at least to me.

I searched for reviews of Edgar's flavor, but didn't find any direct comparisons.
Found a good one.

Have you tried the Edgar? Supposed to be a Edward x Gary cross. I got to try a few at Walter's. It was similar to a carrie but without the 'funk' and mixed with a keittish/kentish flavor. I topworked a limb on my Keitt to Edgar :-).

If I take this and use it in conjunction with the other more generic descriptions, I'm getting "Carrie-like spice with Keitt turpene profile instead of Carrie Pinesol".
Not sure if that's even remotely accurate, but the best I got.
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