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Comice Pear


Does anyone grow this pear? I have seen on one site that it is the same as the Maverick Pear. The Maverick pear is the best pear I have ever eaten. Does anyone have scions of this pear for sale?

I LOVE this pear!  The Maverick, I think, is the imperfect-looking comice pear that Harry and Davids sells. Their "perfect-looking" comice that they put in gift boxes are labeled as Royal Riviera.
I grow it, and also a couple of similar ones (Dana's Hovey, and I forget what the other one is without going out to look at the label...).

My trees are too small yet to harvest scions from, but One Green World in Portland Oregon sells the trees.


Thank you Carolyn; The problem I have is that I don't have enough room for another tree. :( That is why I need the scion wood only. Maybe I have to buy the tree and give it away to later on harvest the scion wood. :)

I've got this pear tree, but are you talking about this pear?
Use google translation if you want or deepl.com
or https://usapears.org/comice/

because I didn't know he was also known as Maverick.


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