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Huk Kam 흑 감 (blue persimmon)


Is anyone familiar with this persimmon? i have seen it for sale in one nursery and i am really interested in buying it. I cant find a lot of info on this variety, only that its astrigent, from Korea and it has blue (black) skin. Does anyone know if it is indeed blue skinned and how does the color change with temps? (for example apples are less red in hotter climates).
Here the image the nursery has

If you found it in Bulgaria ,look at availability because it seems they dont have it in stock.
It becomes blue just like somme D Lotus become blue.

No i found it in france, So it really becomes blue without temos needed to be really low in order to turn from orange to blue.

I dont know about the temp but somme D Lotus are also blue.

I saw its in the Czech Republic, but it isn't available for now.


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