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Author Topic: Help Dying Jaboticaba and Garcinia's  (Read 355 times)


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Help Dying Jaboticaba and Garcinia's
« on: December 06, 2019, 06:43:54 AM »
Hello all, I have a major problem of 4 - 1meter plus sick dying Sabara Jaboticaba's (Image attached) 6 - 300mm Grimal Jaboticaba's as well as 1 Purple Mangosteen and 1 Bakupari.

All are kept for the past 6-12 months under a large olive tree. Referring to the Jaboticaba's I had 4 of them started losing leaves 3months ago. New growth was pushing through so I didn't think much of it. But now the trees are 90% bare as all the new growth is dying off before the buds open. :(

Problem solving things I have tried to no avail.
- Increasing watering, Seaweed solution, Fertiliser, Molasses
After a month of no improvements I figure it was the soil. I repotted some and noticed healthy black rich organic soil, plenty earth worms and swarm of pill bugs. I then flushed them all with neem oil to get rid of the pill bugs... Not sure it that was a good idea?

- In 2 of the Jaboticaba's repotting i noticed lots of the roots were black and breaking easily. 2 looked all white and healthy. I then used some Anti Rot Fungicide to help prevent more root loss.

Still no change in any of them for about 1 week, so I have decided to move them out from under the olive tree. I put some in full shade as some younger leaves were getting tip burn, and the other's I put in part sun/shade. I have a sneaky suspicion the Olive tree is killing them - perhaps poisonous sap leaking out? Possum urine? Most of my fruit trees are in pots currently have over 100pots 70+ tropical fruit varieties. Most of them are in the out skirts of the olive branches. A few plants closer to the trunk seem to struggle more.

As for the Purple Mangosteen, I live in the subtropics, but where I live you are not supposed to be able to grow it. I had it surrounded by plenty other plants over winter and it survived with only slight tip burn from the cold. It is now well into summer and some new shoots and poking through. However as soon as I was excited to see it growing, I noticed more burn on the leaves, and now the stem which was thick and full is now looking wrinkly and it's just not as strong as it was 2 months ago. Also had a lot of pill bugs in the soil, and so many earth worms... I'm thinking perhaps too many earthworms? I have a larger yellow mangosteen which just put on a flurry of new growth, but now also looks a bit weak. Is it normal for garcinia's to look ill while they push out new growth? Very strange.

If anyone has any advice PLEASE help me out! I have collected over 70 varieties of fruit trees, my favorite of them all is the Jaboticaba's followed by my Garcinia range, and out of all my plants my 2 fav's are now dying  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Any help appreciated  :)


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Re: Help Dying Jaboticaba and Garcinia's
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2019, 07:17:27 AM »
What kind of fertilizer are you using on the jabos?

What is the PH of the soil they are in?

what is the PH of the water you are using?


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Re: Help Dying Jaboticaba and Garcinia's
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2019, 07:41:50 AM »
Scotts pure organic fruit and citrus premium plant food. NPK 6.9 : 1.4 : 1.3 every 2 months.
Seaweed and trace mineral rock dust solution once every 2/3 weeks.
Chicken manure pellets once every 3/4 months.

PH ... I'm not sure, I've never tested. I mix my own potting mix with 40% Coconut Coir some with big chunks for airration, 40% premium potting mix with the standard fertilisers added, 20% Compost on top with few hand fulls of perlite mixed throughout. - Never had any issues with dying plants until these. Always try to buy the best quality organic only when possible.

Water is standard Tap water. I am looking at getting a filter on my tap hose, but in Australia we don't really have that standard anywhere. I've asked around even went to a pluming shop and they tried to sell me a 700$ house filter. I am planning on getting tanks installed in 6months.


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Re: Help Dying Jaboticaba and Garcinia's
« Reply #3 on: December 06, 2019, 02:05:58 PM »
Noticed a lot of leaf burn on the jabo.
Leaves dropping is a sign of stress.

The issues I see:

- High volumes of fertilizer
- High volumes of unknown fertilizer analysis
- Fertilizing every 2-3 weeks is insanely high for a jabo, unless you're in the 10b or above
- Branches being black means they've been poisoned/over fertilized


- Thin out the dead branches
- Apply generous amounts of worm castings (Neutral fertilizer/nitrogen fixer)
- Keep pot in a warm and sunny area for it to recover

I only use home made worm castings, osmocote and a few other things, never the premixed fertilizers from hardware stores.

Good look with the recovery, jabos bounce back very well, they're resilient.


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