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Apple and pear scions for FL panhandle


I have two branches on an apple tree I want to attempt grafting onto here shortly before active growth begins in spring. Definitely want varieties that will do well here in the FL panhandle zone 8b-ish. I have a grafted Anna so good there provided it keeps living on. Wouldn't mind getting golden dorsett or joy to graft to the ready rootstock I have. Very, very open to other varieties for here too just make offers. Want to put a different type on each branch. Hoping for success with both obviously.

I also have a large unproductive pear tree. It was on the property before I lived there and have no idea what type it might be. Got like two pears last year off it...they are good and not grainy or anything. It probably needs a pollinator. Many areas could be grafted on it as it's rather large. Looking to put good types for the area on that tree too. Maybe varieties like keffier or pineapple would be good but please suggest others.

Also have tons of Chickasaw plum I can graft on. Any good improved types for here are welcome. I do know peach and nectarine can be grafted on that as well. Please make offers of varities for here. The Chickasaw plum in the yard is not bad at all and in fact is of good quality and fair size on its own if anyone wants to trade for suckers etc. Also have wild flat woods plum seedlings available for sale/trade too. Also lots of pre-stratified American persimmon seeds too.

Thanks! DG

Anyone out there with suggestions on zone 8-9a ish varieties not yet awoke for the season with scions? My pear is awoke so is it too late to graft it? Apple tree still sleeping. Also stuff that might be compatible with Chickasaw plum.

Also loquat varieties that might flower more toward spring or just good large fruit types. Gonna hit up one member that's got "big Jim" but have many available branches on my loquat for others.



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