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Author Topic: Selling : Japanese Wasabi Japonica Daruma Plants with edible rhizome  (Read 541 times)


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I have a few 1 gallon containers of wasabi daruma japonica for sale.

Price : $65
Rhizome : 2-3"
Growth : 1 year or older, lots of flowers with seed pods and large leaves
Size : 1 Gallon Container, larger sizes available up to 10 gallon
Shipping : $20, can combine shipping to save on cost
Growing medium : Organic soil
Edible : Rhizome, Leaves, Stems

Plant Care : Once roots are established, they're very easy to care for, keep in shade and mist when the weather is dry and hot, do not over water, plants will rot and leaves will wilt.

All plants are grown from propogation of mother plants, grown in zone 9b

Please PM me if you have any questions or need additional pictures.
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