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SARS and citrus flavonoids
« on: March 24, 2020, 06:44:38 PM »
Maybe some of you are infected or are going to be infected. As for me for the time being I am only in quarantine so far for two weeks.
Besides a citrus grower I am a collector of rare medicinal plants mostly from traditional healers from Asia.

After reading some literature and my notes I will share with you a remedy that may or could potentially save your life.

The SARS-2 virus has two components:
1. Infection of the tissue which leads to pneumonia
2. An very strong inflammation of the lungs as a reaction of the immune system to the virus.
The later, inflammation mainly cause the death in previously sick people.

For those who are growing citrus there are two plants useful: kafir lime and yuzu leaves.
Kaffir lime leaves have been used in Thailand for their relief against flu and anti-inflammatory properties.
Some studies also place yuzu leaves with a strong antiviral properties against avian flu. A fresh leaves tea or soup can be made of the two.

One of the herbs that were used with success in Singapore during the SARS-1 especially by the Indian community in 2003 was a Ayurveda medicine: a mixture of turmeric, tusli and black pepper.
Fresh turmeric is well known antimicrobial/antiviral remedy in many scientific papers.
Tusli is a powerful adaptogen and antimicrobial herb.
Balck pepper increases bio-availability of turmeric.


Crush the Tulsi plant including roots and mix it with luke water. Add a spoon of fresh crushed turmeric and a quarter of teaspoon of fresh pepper powder. Then you heat the mixture on lowest setting with a glasses of water for a couple of minutes. You need to drink it twice a day before food to contain the virus.

Another mixture which I prefer is one spoon of fresh crushed turmeric, a quarter of teaspoon of fresh pepper powder and a spoon of fresh tusli leaves, all this mixed with a spoon of honey. Take this two times a day at the back of the tongues so the raisin of the turmeric sticks to the throat.

Note: I use for myself black turmeric which is several times more powerful than yellow cousin. However the yellow turmeric has the same properties. A soup of which contains good amounts of galangal is also helpful to fight inflammation.Also other wild related rhizomes have a powerful effect but you won't be able to find them, so I won't list them.

The Chinese govt also uses TCM as a complementary treatment. Each patient receives a brown soup once a day of Chinese medicinal plants.

Wish you all good health!



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