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Taking Orders every day at

Shipments sent on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

AKME Edibles Presenting

WATER SPRITE / INDIAN FERN (Ceratopteris thalictroides)

In response to the global pandemic of SARS-COV-2 causing COVID-19, I’ve implemented additional steps to ensure our safety and yours while conducting business. I disinfect all tools, materials and items with an EPA industrially approved virucide called Virex II which can kill any traces of coronavirus in under a few minutes to keep all parties safe during transactions.

Aquatic plants you acquire from me have never touched native soil and are grown in parasitic, disease and snail free water systems in free floating conditions with a proper light spectrum.

Every individual plant is carefully examined and selected for fresh fronds and fully developed root systems ready for planting or free floating for the immediate production of adventitious plantlets for replicating itself as ferns do. All plants will have at least 4 inches in leaf branching plus multiple fronds at the ready. These are full plants grown from plantlets--not rooted--and more importantly, not a group of clipped branches bunched together with a clamp to resemble a plant, which you'll find from most sellers, and the occasional pet store which carries it. You do get what you pay for.   ;)

This plant loves and thrives best in bright light, but is shade tolerant. Under the right conditions, these plants can grow a few feet in height and produce an amazing amount of offspring in a short period of time, growing both in and out of the water. They will thrive in both straight water, mud or soil conditions--completely submerged, or out. It requires no care, as it drops its own leaves for self nutrients, however, it will readily take any supplements you choose to load it with.

Water Sprite's fresh fronds can be eaten by any fish, reptile or other pet you own which eats vegetation. They will love eating Water Sprite, and it is quite healthy for them to eat. Humans can eat the new fronds as well, but it contains thiaminase which must be cooked out of it. Some cultures consider it a delicacy, but I suggest you do your homework before considering eating it. I did eat it while traveling in Asia, and it reminded me of bean sprouts. Probably best left for the pets, honestly.

Water Sprite is one of the most beneficial aquatic plants you can obtain.

   •   Aquariums - You can use it in aquariums of all kinds large and small. Makes wonderful cover for fish fry as well as ongoing food supply for species with the need for high vegetative diets and quick metabolisms. It grows so quickly, most fish cannot consume it entirely like other plants. Helps omnivorous fish from getting bloat on high protein diets and promotes great digestive health. Reduces the strain of bright light spectrums in the aquarium's upper water quadrant which often stresses and even damages the vision of many species of fish. Removes toxicities from the water and brings balance to established systems reducing the frequency of water changes. Reduces the appearance of algae by taking in nutrients algae needs to thrive. Significantly reduces aggression among territorial fish species. Can grow out of the tank and hang over as an ornamental, as well as emerge from sumps and filters.

   •   Aquaponics - Can completely fill an entire system within a single season and be dispersed as needed. Provides an astounding ecological advancement for the system, and keeps it functioning at the cleanest possible output.

   •   Mosquito Trap - Sick of mosquitos? Set up a Water Sprite mosquito trap. Grab a big Fortiflex outdoor muck bucket from Tractor Supply and fill it with water and top it with wire mesh. Add to that live bearer fish, such as: guppies, mosquito fish, small mollies, platys, swordtails, etc., or add nothing and let the frogs come and lay eggs for ongoing tadpoles. Either way, mosquitos with a two block radius will come to the water source and lay eggs. The fish and tadpoles will eat both the eggs and mosquito larvae, and the adult mosquitos will die out. Over time, the mosquitos will sacrifice all of their young to feed the outdoor aqua system. Requires no care. Water Sprite provides cover, and live bearers are surface breathers and require no filtrations. They will only need a heater if water temperatures fall under 70 degrees. Grab an Eheim Jager heater, which is fully submersible and will last 20+ years. Say good bye to your mosquitos. Plus, your Water Sprite will go nuts outdoors and create you an endless supply you can clip off and root elsewhere--such as your aquariums.

   •   Ponds - Place Water Sprite in your pond and watch it truly take off in the shallows. The watery fern will climb ashore and pop its fronds out from every direction. You can say goodbye to those muddy and yucky clay beaches as it spreads. While it will die from freezing temperatures, it will reappear the following season from its spores.

   •   Just Feed It . . . to Your Pets - While cooking it will remove most environmentally induced trace elements or alleged carcinogenic compounds, it is a fern. I am not going to suggest it for human consumption other than to state taking precautions if you do.

If you plan to eat it, I found the following information: “Fronds are cooked and eaten as a vegetable in Madagascar [7] , New Guinea [citation needed], and Vietnam [8], and raw as a salad in Micronesia [citation needed.” Edible. [10] “The plant is often used as a vegetable, especially in Asia, and is sometimes grown on a garden scale for this purpose. The young leaves, before they have uncurled, make excellent greens and when cooked or blanched they can be eaten as a salad. In some parts of Asia it is an established luxury vegetable.”   [12, via 11] Plant Resources of Tropical Africa. It is not mentioned on

   •   Single Plant with Full Root System (4 inches or larger, with fronds) - $8.00
   •   Plant Bundle of 5 - $37.50 ($7.50 each)
   •   Plant Bundle of 10 - $70.00 ($7.00 each)
   •   Baby Sprouts (1" +/-) Bundle of 5 - $10.00 ($2.00 each)
   •   Baby Sprouts (1" +/-) Bundle of 10 - $17.50 ($1.75 each)
   •   Baby Sprouts (1" +/-) Bundle of 25 - $37.50 ($1.50 each)

The cost of shipping and handling reflects both the shipping it takes to send your items, along with the shipping and packing materials. Plants are shipped in boxes--never in soft packages--and are heavily wrapped for protection. You will be given an itemized inventory receipt with every purchase. There is no longer a minimum purchase required to place an order, but there is a minimum Shipping and Handling Charge of $10.00.

These live plants cannot survive International Shipping.

   •   Shipping & Handling (Orders $100.00 and Under) - $10.00
   •   Shipping & Handling (Orders $200 and Under) - $15.00
   •   Shipping & Handling (Orders Over $200) - $20.00
   •   Handling Only (You Pay Your Shipping and Email/Fax us a Label to Print) - $6.00

I would greatly appreciate if Private Messages in the forum were limited to simple discussions rather than orders, because I have to track them manually here.  Please use one of the following methods below to place an order.

Contact me directly at:
AKME Edibles Email Contact
Facebook Messenger

When you place an order or ask for a quote, I will need the following information to process your request:

First and Last Name
Preferred Contact Method:  Email/Messenger/Phone/Text/Other
TFF Username (Optional)
Specify:  Size  |  Quantity

All purchase requests are prioritized in the order in which they are received.

Most forms of payment are accepted, but we strongly prefer Zelle. If you require an invoice or wish to pay with a credit or debit card, there is a service fee not to exceed 5%.
   •   Zelle Payment – Send to with a contact name of “Kristina.”
   •   PayPal Payment – Send to as Friend or Family and uncheck the square that asks if it is for a service to avoid an invoice fee.
   •   Invoice for Credit/Debit Card – You will receive an invoice and will need to cover the 5% service fee.
   •   Check/Money Order – These items are accepted but must be received prior to processing.
   •   Venmo - We now offer this payment option for those using it.

Thank you so much for your patience, business and support.

My goal is to encourage the sustainability of our precious, natural resources by preserving the integrity and desirability of our wonderful orchards through diversifying edible landscapes.

Together, we can protect our future cultivars, planet and passion.

-Adam Karsten

The types of information we collect at AKME Edibles helps us to provide quality services and improve your experience when working with us.

Personal information you share on our websites or social media platforms is stored privately and not sold, rented or shared with any other party for any reason without your sole consent. We only utilize information we collect for the purposes of making legitimate hiring decisions for employees and contractors, when establishing new business clientele, or when maintaining operations and services with existing customers. We have no affiliation with any advertisements you may encounter while navigating any of our online platforms.

Any promotional content, emails, text messages, phone calls, electronic negotiations, qualification screenings and other forms of written or verbal communication as a result of information you provided us will only be conducted by representatives of AKME Edibles, and any third party communication taking place otherwise is not provided, requested, endorsed, affiliated or represented by our company.

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