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Author Topic: Looking for Polyembryonic mango seeds/fruit  (Read 632 times)


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Looking for Polyembryonic mango seeds/fruit
« on: June 26, 2020, 06:07:08 PM »
Hi Everyone,
Thank you for this useful forum on tropical fruits and mango growing information.
After reading through the many threads on here (thank you Simon) from experienced mango growers I am in search of the following mango varieties as a fruit or seed. Please let me know how I can obtain them. I would pay for the fruits or seeds and your time to find them for me. I live in SF Bay Area in California so shipping may be an issue. If you know a source for these mangoes or seeds please help.

Cac, Xoi  Cat Hoa Loc , Nam Doc Mai, Nam Doc Mai #4, Honey Kiss, Maha Chanok, Butter cream,  SugarLoaf (E-4), Florigon , PPK, Lemon Zest, Orange Sherbet, Coconut Cream, Pina Colada, Cotton Candy, Pim Seng Mun, Pram Kai Meu. 

Thanks in advance for your help.

I made a begginer mistake and bought a few trees from FL with turpentine rootstocks. I don't now how to graft so I figure the seedlings from the polyembryonic seeds are my best bet. In the Bay Area there are some mango trees and they all look like Manilla but I don't know for sure as it was from a Youtube video.  I have cherimoya and atemoya and they do well in the ground over the winter. I have a Manilla queen in the ground since March 2020 and it seems to do well with 6 inches of new shoots and healthy leaves. Will see how it does over the winter.

Kind regards,


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