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Author Topic: My Dragon Fruit Trellis using PVC and Redwood  (Read 116 times)


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My Dragon Fruit Trellis using PVC and Redwood
« on: August 20, 2020, 11:56:58 PM »
Here's my design for a simple Dragon Fruit trellis, taking advantage of existing 2" ABS sunk into the ground.   Twin 1.5" Sched 40 PVC was inserted into the ABS pipe, and cut to 6 ft height above ground.   1.5" PVC Tees were attached onto the twin PVC, with End-Caps for centering 10-inch long 0.5" bolts that hold twin 2x4" header beams.   An angled 2x4" beam was added to the front for stiffening forward stability, since my plant will be pruned to branch to the front.   I would prefer 2" sched 40 PVC, for increased sideways stiffness, but felt this would suffice for my intentions.   

My plan is to weave the leaves behind the rear header, and then let hang over the front header.  Hopefully, it won't be a problem keeping pruned to avoid filling the space against the fence -- but it might, huh?   Or will the branches notice the adjacent fence and start sending air roots into the fence!   Metal shield on upper area of  fence to prevent air roots attaching?    Comments on how to handle?

2 - 0.5"x10" long bolts connected headers to PVC Tees

PVC and redwood headers wrapped with 3" wide crafts burlap, glued or stapled.

Once rooted, two of these three Vietnamese White cuttings will be planted.

The third cutting was exchanged for a Pink variety for the center position.

The 5 gal Pink planted ahead of the remaing two Whites.

With three large cutting taken from the Pink, I'm considering starting another using a Metal Fence post already in ground, with wood strapped to the post for support.  Hopefully, the dragon plant will drape itself over the round tubing at the top.   Why this design?  Convenient.

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