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Author Topic: Longan seedling diagnosis?  (Read 636 times)


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Longan seedling diagnosis?
« on: December 29, 2013, 11:27:09 AM »
I did run a Google search and could not come up with any answers, so I'm turning to the experts here on TFF. Some of my year-old seedlings are having some strange developments. See pictures below.

^ This seedling has two shoots of new growth coming out. They look totally healthy, except the bigger one has leaves that are curling. There is no fuzz (to suggest mites). The other shoot has three straight leaves and one slightly curled.

^ This seedling's new growth is only ever green, not the rusty red like all the others. I've recently trimmed off some of the older leaves so that it could focus on the new shoots.

Now, I do know that I have a problem with fungus gnats. It started after that period of having my kids help take care of my trees, during which time they became over-watered for several days.  My new "favorite" past time is "smack the gnat." I'm looking into getting either sand or pebbles to cover the top layer of soil in all of my pots. But beyond that, I don't see any other issues. I visually can't see any fungus growing on the top of my soil. Watering has gone to, once I stick my finger about an inch in the pot and it's getting dry, they get water. But not so much that they are sitting in a puddle.

Maybe humidity (or lack there of) could be an issue. Back when I hatched chickens with my kids, we had to keep the incubators humid. We achieved this both by adding water to the bottom of one unit, above which the eggs were suspended in their turner on a hardware cloth cover over the basin. In the other unit, I put sponges in a container off to one side and made sure they were soaked every day. Both sets of eggs hatched without a problem.  -- I don't currently have any setup for humidity. I'm thinking of constructing a table top greenhouse to assist.
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